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Comment Re:It'd ne worth next to nothing now (Score -1) 67

It's interesting to see that for all of the talk about money not being end all be all by the left (I am not saying that you are necessarily on the 'left', but I have seen many similar comments from people who clearly are) the moment a story like this comes out so many people bash the person who decided not to sell out on his ideas and dreams for admittedly an enormous amount of cash.

Why are people so enormously hypocritical?

Comment Re:Intelligence Augmentation (Score -1, Funny) 99

Good for her I suppose, but you missed the point, what was your other (non-penis head, do you have one of those?) doing at the time? Were you thinking about something, maybe you were thinking about the reasons for your sad sad sexual encounter with a woman who is probably at least twice as old as you are. Were you able to concentrate or were you distracted by the fact that you can't get a girl who maybe is closer to your age?

Comment Intelligence Augmentation (Score -1) 99

There is an old proverb of two heads being better than one I wonder if we could do something about that missing head that so many of us need, this way one head could be doing one thing and another head something else entirely.... I guess the male portion of the population knows a thing or two about this topic already and the females don't really have a problem with doing 10 things at once.

User Journal

Journal Journal: UBI is the modern version of Communism 1

In the last year or so there have been numerous stories on /. on the subject of Universal Basic Income (UBI). Many so called 'libertarians' left a number of comments on how they are supporting UBI because they think it might be more efficient than other forms of welfare.

Comment learn from these guys (Score 0) 81

Ha ha, I just thought what would it look like if a local lemonade stand (when was the last time you've seen one) did this?


a glass of lemonade: 5 cents.
cost of doing business with all the rules, regulations, taxes, laws: 2.50
total: 2.55

I mean, that would be the cheapest glass of lemonade in decades for me but those regulation and tax costs are outrageous

Comment Re:Good for India (Score -1) 813

(same commenter, posting from my second account, otherwise I couldn't post here right now).

Civilization is organization, I disagree that civilization requires oppression to organize. We are perfectly capable of organizing without oppressive ideas, such as nation states, countries, territories and governments. We voluntarily trade what we produce for what others produce, that's what the most important and the only needed level of organization is. Yes, it is anarcho capitalism, AFAIC it is the system that would most benefit individual freedoms, which is the idea.

Comment Start time is not a problem (Score -1) 104

Slow? start time is not a problem that needs to be solved in a server environment. My server systems are all java, they start in a second or two, then more time is taken by various application initialization (loading data from databases, from property files, from the network).

The real problem with Java AFAIC is memory 'management' and slow Garbage Collection. Wish I could mark objects to be released with source code instructions rather than relying on the intelligent garbage collector.

Yes, once again: I wish I could tell the JVM that a particular object is no longer in use and its underlying memory can be reclaimed. I wish I could do that for a simple shallow data structure and also for deeply nested structures.

This would be much more appreciated than ALL of the syntax sugar additions since version 5.

Comment Re:Commercial "education" generally fails (Score -1) 334

Hmm, I taught people who I hire to work for me, that is over 30 people that I needed to teach. I also taught some kids. But that's irrelevant, the only relevant part is that today we have more resources to provide extremely cheap education to people because of the technology that we built and yet due to government intervention with all the money flowing into the system the prices are extremely high and will only increase over time *because* of the money.

The more money that is betting for a service the more expensive the service will be and it has nothing to do with how cheaply and universally the service can be provided without all that unnecessary money.

Comment Re:You Mispelled "Bradley Manning" (Score -1) 401

Yeah, sure, and if a guy calls himself an ostrich then we must 'keep up'. Now, it's none of my business what the guy thinks he is, a female or anything else, that's his business. I do mind calling a person with a dick and balls a female though. I think he is a male, he'll have his physical surgery and will become a former physical male, fake physical female from my perspective, fine, then I'll concede that's not a he any longer.

Comment Re:Thelema (Score -1) 539

Objectivism is a much more valid construct than any religion, as to Twitter and bad people, that's funny. How about ISIS? How about almost every war on this planet with vast majority of the people participating being religious (vast majority of all people are religious).

Torture, murder, genocide, theft, destruction of all types, burning people at the stake... best people, ha?

And what the hell is 'faux-Lbertarianism'?

Comment Re:Completely wrong.... (Score -1) 618

You simply don't understand what money is. A productive day of work can be expressed in dollars and cents but just as well it can be expressed in something else. A farmer grows some crop, a construction worker builds a house, etc. That was NOT produced by anybody else but private entities that are providing the capital, land, labour and management required to do this work.

As to money, actual money is gold, the Federal reserve notes are only medium of exchange and unit of account, not any form of store of value. Government is stealing money, it is stealing a dollar equivalent of the money that is made by the individual or a company.

You can choose to pretend not to understand that, that's your business.

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