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Comment Re:H1-Bs rock (Score 0, Flamebait) 249

The $100K+ you saved will not be enough to pay for the potential loss of IP / code theft. That is why our place no longer hire curry niggers a few years ago. We exclusively hire US citizens and the work morale, profit both improved.

The premium for the American work ethics is worth it.

Comment Re:Gates and Zuckerbergs Vision for America (Score 1) 249

"It would be one thing if local employees could be tied to a job, but courts has awarded money for anti-poaching schemes. "

It could be easily done through the use of employment contracts that has to be renewed every X time periods based on performance. You salary is set during the terms of the contract, and you receive a bonus for finishing the term. If you leave you lose the bonus and unpaid benefits. This is similar to how academia operates.

Comment Re:Those idiots couldn't invade Pittsburg! (Score 1) 686

The technology now is more robust. The so called "Constitution" can be invalidated overnight with martial law. You can disappear with a few clicks (i.e. "accidental" drone attack on your house)

The war is over. It is lost. The future of the planet will be one single world government controlled by people who are (or who think they are) doing "God's" work. It is necessary for expansion beyond Earth.

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