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Journal Journal: Near Extinction for Human Race 70k Years Ago

In recent news from a subject that has always casually interested me, it seems that some now believe that the human race nearly became extinct about 70,000 years ago. We've heard human population fluctuation stories before, but this is the first I can recall that involves such a dramatic reduction, which, according to the article, had the population down to as low as 2000 individuals before the species' comeback. Interesti

Submission + - MS Office Live Workspace Baits Testers with Cash (

eldavojohn writes: "Microsoft is offering a $100k grand prize to its beta testers in the U.S. and an additional 30,000 prizes between now and May 11. Unfortunately, reviews of the online office tool have been fairly negative. It also turns out that you need to be using a PC with fully installed and updated Office on it to use the Office Live Workspace at all. In related news, Microsoft is demanding a UK firm stop streaming MS Office from their website in a software as a service business model."
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Submission + - Apple updates iPhone and iPod Touch ( 1

u-bend writes: "Apple has released new, higher capacity models of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new iPhone boasts 16 GB of storage and is priced at $499.00 (the 8 GB model remains at #399.00), and the new iPod Touch has 32 GB, also priced at $499.00. Although the price is still pretty hefty, it indicates that the capacity/price ratio on these wireless flash-based players is starting to move in the right direction."

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