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Submission + - Domain Registration Lost 1

Tyler Larson writes: "It seems that official Ruby On Rails website ( has turned into a parked advertising page. The WHOIS record for the domain lists the registrant as "Next Angle", administered by " LLC". David Heinemeier Hansson filed two years ago for a trademark on the phrase "ruby on rails," and he may or may not be able to use it to reclaim the associated domain name. It seems clear, however, that if BuyDomains has legitimately taken ownership of the domain--which currently has a Google PageRank of 7/10--they will not let it go without either a drawn-out fight or a very large payment.

For many organizations, their domain name has become their identity. What precautions do you take to make sure it doesn't get taken from you? What sort of contingency plan can you implement in the case that it does?"

Submission + - Potential conflict of interest in Pirate Bay case

Tarantulus writes: It seems the taste of victory for the music industry has become slightly bitter, after the Judge who sentenced the Pirate Bay crew to a 30m Krona fine has been discovered to be a board member of the Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and a member of the Swedish Copyright Association.

Of course he denies any bias, yet a juror in the case was dismissed for membership of the very same organisations.

IANAL but I'm guessing that appeal may not be necessary now..

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