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Submission + - Facebook Adds App Adverts For Mobile Revenue Boost (techweekeurope.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "Having introduced mobile adverts in March in an effort to monetise its mobile user base, Facebook has now opened the doors for developers to add advertise their apps on users' feeds. The social network will hope the announcement will appease those concerned about advertising revenues. Although more than half of Facebook’s 900 million users access the site through a mobile device, none of its $3.15 billion (£2 billion) in advertising revenue comes from mobile adverts."

Submission + - Facebook Enters Gambling Market With Bingo Friendzy (techweekeurope.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "Facebook has launched its first ever cash gambling app — Bingo Friendzy, developed by the London-based Gamesys. The move is widely seen as an attempt by Facebook to find new revenue streams, following a less-than-impressive quarter and slipping advertising sales. Facebook said it was supporting the game as "money gaming is a popular and well-regulated activity in the UK". But Christian groups have slammed the game for using appealing imagery to get children involved in gambling."

Submission + - Facebook Shares Carbon Footprint Data For First Time Ever (techweekeurope.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "Facebook has opened up on its environmental impact. Following pressure from campaign group Greenpeace last year, the social network today revealed its carbon footprint figures for the first time. The data showed that Facebook has a lower carbon footprint than Google, which produces 1.5 million tonnes of carbon annually. In 2011, the social networking giant produced 285,000 metric tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent, which includes greenhouse gases CO2, CH4, N2O, and hydrofluorocarbons). Greenpeace praised Facebook's move, saying it was an important milestone for the company and “for an industry that needs to be more transparent about its energy use”."

Submission + - British Govt Calls Google And Facebook In For Snooping Law Briefing (techweekeurope.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "The British Government's proposed surveillance laws have been causing a stir of late, with many saying they are technologically and ideologically flawed. To discuss whether it would even be possible to implement the laws, the government has called in representatives of Facebook, Google and major ISPs. One of the main topics of conversation will focus on whether it's actually possible for service providers to split content data and comms data. The proposals stipulate that the actual content of communications would not be viewed by British intelligence bodies, only data on who is talking to who would be accessed by GCHQ."

Submission + - Germany to ban Facebook's Like button? (itpro.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "The Facebook Like button has been declared illegal by a data protection official in Germany. The Like button has been declared in violation of privacy laws in the country. The reason? Thilo Weichert, a data protection official for the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, said it meant users were more at risk of being tracked if they used the button to show their appreciation, according to reports."

Submission + - Facebook issues Guide to Security (itpro.co.uk) 1

twoheadedboy writes: "Facebook has decided to issue a security guide for users. The Guide to Facebook Security features 14 pages of advice, covering everything from phishing and clickjacking, to how to recover a hacked account. Facebook was keen to make the point that users were just as responsible for security as the people running the website. It also admitted scams were harder to identify on Facebook, when compared to email tricks."

Submission + - Did a York youngster hack Facebook servers? (itpro.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "A 25 year old male from York has been accused of breaking through the security defences of Facebook to hack the social networking giant. Glenn Mangham appeared in court yesterday accused of five offences relating to an attack on Facebook, after it was alleged he had perpetrated a range of cyber strikes. "This involved considerable technical expertise to penetrate the security programmes of Facebook," said prosecutor Matthew McCabe."

Submission + - Facebook offers bug hunter bounties (itpro.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "Facebook has become the latest in a growing line of big Web 2.0 firms to offer a bounty for bugs. The social network said a typical reward will be around $500 but the monetary prize will be greater for certain flaws. Google has been doing the same thing for a while, handing out some pretty hefty prizes. Will researchers be as interested in Facebook as they are in Google products?"

Submission + - Super smart social threats running wild (itpro.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "A number of developments this week have not only confirmed scams on social sites are massively widespread, they've established the cyber criminals behind them are getting awfully clever. According to security firm BitDefender, one of the threats it has seen — Trojan.FakeAV.LVT — takes social engineering to "a whole new level." Meanwhile, Facebook has become the third most phish friendly site on the planet, whilst thousands of Twitter users get their accounts hacked by scammers. And Google+ is expected to be a serious target soon as well. Social cyber criminals are getting super smart, it seems."

Submission + - Pfizer Facebook hacked in AntiSec hit (itpro.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "Pfizer, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, had its Facebook page hacked this week. The Script Kiddies have claimed responsibility for the compromise, saying taking control of the Facebook page was fairly simple. Messages posted on the page made derogatory remarks about Pfizer's moral integrity, typical of the ethos behind AntiSec."

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