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Comment One Thing Missing... (Score 5, Insightful) 639

Just like in our business, uptime is crucially important for these farmers. During the spring planting time and the fall harvest period, if that machine breaks, it needs to be RIGHT NOW. They can't wait a "few days" for the dealership mechanic to visit. And he's busy as all hell fixing our people's shit. This isn't just a bunch hay-seeds saying they want to break their knuckles for the fun of it. This is a very serious situation that can have devastating effects on the bottom line.

Comment My! So much speculation (Score 1) 392

The crash, according to the police report, occurred when Scaglione, 77, was driving east on the Pennsylvania Turnpike when the SUV hit a guard rail on the right side of the road. It then crossed over the eastbound lanes and hit a concrete median. After hitting the median, the vehicle rolled onto its roof and landed in the middle of the roadway.

If the Tesla "Autopilot" was on, I doubt the car would have hit a guard rail.

Comment If Done Correctly... (Score 2) 94

I could use this a lot. I watch Netflix sometimes when camping using my phone as a hot spot. Gotta watch the data real close. If I could d/l the content I want to watch, say Marco Polo Season 2 like last weekend, I would consume more Netflix content.

But if has to be done correctly. It would have to allow playback on a device that is different from the device that d/l the content.

Comment Fair Enough (Score 5, Insightful) 180

Ok, I read TFA, sue me. Sounds like the bot is just looking for technicalities that will void the ticket. Fair enough.Have you ever heard of a corporation that avoided some tax based on a technicality? I could think of a few.

Better yet. Ever have a cop give you a ticket based on a technicality? I have.

Technicalities are not reserved for use by only one side. They are fair game to all. Seems to me that this one is just making these technicalities available to all. Fair enough.

Comment In the Case of Prime (Score 3, Interesting) 128

This should be called a feature. Netflix advertises itself as a streaming service. Amazon Prime claims that you can "own" the movie. Problem is Prime is still just a streaming service. It's false advertising and the reason I don't use Prime for movies. If I "buy" a movie, I expect to be able to d/l to a portable drive so I can watch it when I don't have a data connection. If I subscribe to streaming service, I won't have that expecation.

Comment Nothing New (Score 2) 95

In the early 1980's one of my neighbors, a Honeywell employee, warned me that people could tell what I was printing out on my daisy-wheel printer just by listening through my open window. Apparently, each character of the Diablo 630 printer made a unique noise when struck.

As I was only printing teaching instructions for using the accounting software I trained users on, I thanked him kindly for the warning and carried on.

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