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Submission + - A math lab in your cell phone 1

Roland Piquepaille writes: "As most of us are using cell phones today, Israeli scientists have decided to put a math lab in your pocket. They developed a library of math modules which can be installed on almost cell phones available today. So you'll be able to see graphs or solve equations on your phone while on a train or a bus ride. You'll also be able to send graphs or formulas by SMS to other students — and to send the results of your exercises to your teacher. Did I mention you can download these applications for free? But read more for additional details and a look at one of the Math4Mobile applications."

Submission + - Neighbors Fight to Stop Backyard Windmill

An anonymous reader writes: It was bound to happen. Man wants to build a windmill in his backyard to obtain clean energy for his house. Main obtains correct permits and builds the windmill. Neighbors aren't happy and sue man. This is exactly what's happening to Michael Mercurio of Beach Haven Terrace, NJ. Mr Mercurio, whose windwill and 56 solar panels on his roof supply roughly 97% of his usage, is being sued by some neighbors because his 40' windwill is too tall, produces too much noise for their liking, and causes "strobe-like shadows" across their properties. Mercurio is fighting the lawsuit, not only because he wants to keep the windmill because of its positive environmental aspects, but because he is the owner of a 4 year old company which supplies and installs windmills. This may become an interesting test case for future home installations of windmills.

Submission + - We live in a safe world. Bogus Company Gets Nuke (

An anonymous reader writes: Congressional investigators set up a bogus company with only a postal box and within a month obtained a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that allowed them to buy enough radioactive material for a small "dirty bomb."

Submission + - Water vapour found on exoplanet (

TallDarkMan writes: "We're getting quite a collection of planets (we know about) outside our solar system, and we can add another one that has water! From the article:

Astronomers have found water vapour in the atmosphere of a giant planet outside our Solar System. The detection in the extrasolar planet HD 189733b was made using Nasa's powerful Spitzer Space Telescope and is reported in the journal Nature. — It is only the second time water has been detected on an exoplanet.

Submission + - Slashdot and the tagging fad 2

An anonymous reader writes: Here's a question for the slashdot crowd. Tagging is one of those fads that seems to be everywhere, and slashdot has picked it up too. After watching how people use tagging since it's introduction here, it appears that it's mostly useless though, given that nearly every article gets tagged with either contradictory tags ("yes","no","yesno", all on one post) or ones that are opinions of the tag posters ("slownewsday", "whoopeef*ck", "wewerenotmeanttobe", as a sampling from the current front page). The remaining tags of any value seem to be solely for the purpose of categorizing, and can be achieved without tagging by editors simply putting articles in the right category/subcategory. So my question: why bother with the tagging thing? Can we get that useless garbage off of the front page so we don't have to see "whoopeef*ck* and other childish noise?

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