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Submission + - US Negotiators Cave on Internet Provisions to ACTA

Hugh Pickens writes: "Ars Technica reports that with the release of the "near-final" ACTA text (PDF), it is becoming clear that the US has caved on the most egregious provisions from earlier draftss advocating "three strikes" regimes, ordering ISPs to develop anti-piracy plans, promoting tough DRM anticircumvention language, setting up a "takedown" notification system, ordering "secondary liability" for device makers, and have largely failed in their attempts to push the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) onto the rest of the world. Apparently, a face-saving agreement is better than no agreement at all—but even the neutered ACTA could run into problems with Mexico's Senate recently approving a nonbinding resolution asking for the country to suspend participation in ACTA, while key members of the European Parliament have also expressed skepticism about the deal. "One of the biggest stories over the three year negotiation of ACTA has been the willingness of the US to cave on the Internet provisions," says Canadian law professor Michael Geist. "Taken together, the Internet chapter must be seen as failure by the US, which clearly envisioned using ACTA to export its DMCA-style approach." With no more negotiating sessions scheduled, this is close to a final draft, and something like it will probably be adopted unless countries start pulling out of the agreement altogether."

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