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Journal twitter's Journal: Ed Avis, a Sneaky Troll. 8

Ed is a subtle troll. He often says vague things in support of software freedom but what's below shows that he could care less. Often software freedom arguments are turned against M$ competitors like Google and Apple. This is paradoxical when he's busy supporting things like OOXML, Silverlight and so on. There's no mistaking his smart ass attitude and smug hatred of Slashdot users. With a little bit of digging, the general patern emerges, Love for M$, hate for Slashdot, other M$ enemies and a well hidden hatred of software freedom.

Love for M$

Hate for Slashdot and Other General Hate.

His homepage on 11/23/2008 has has him and other old people beating each other up in cheasy martial arts class. Thanks for sharing, Ed.

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Ed Avis, a Sneaky Troll.

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  • Dude, I think you meant to say 'could *not* care less'.

  • Wow, crying proverbial wolf again Twitter? What next, accusing Ed of "threatening" you and your family? Let's take a look at these points twitter to determine if this is fact or fud.

    Moolight[sic] booster, wants to waste effort porting to Windows

    Ed also wants it[moonlight] ported to MacOS.

    Novell/M$ deal defender, real smart ass remark.

    Ed is sarcastically showing the problems with a user's opinion. At least he is attacking the message and not the messenger.

    M$ Defender denies obvious M$ coding coherence problems by denying one small inflamatory[sic] piece of their problem and insulting the accuser

    Asking for citation is not defending anyone but for assurance it is fact rather than opinion.

    Promotes Mono

    Oh, so now you are attacking someone for defending free-software? Aft

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