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Journal twitter's Journal: M$ Debt Scam Moving Smootly as Cash Goes to Zero. 9

Unable to sell stock to raise money, M$ will sell bonds which will deplete the company of it's cash, in an attempt to raise it's declining stock value.

Microsoft Corp. may sell debt in what would be the world's largest software maker's inaugural bond offering. Microsoft may offer senior unsecured debt securities, according to a regulatory filing today with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The shelf registration clears the way for the company to issue debt at any time.

The move comes amid suspicions of hidden weakness and demonstrated threats to it's cash cows Windows and Office. It is part of a previously announced plan to enter debt for $20 billion worth of stock buybacks. M$ had $20.7 in cash left as of September 30th, which was down from a high of $60 billion just a few years ago. At the time of announcement, USB analyst Heather Bellini predicted:

Microsoft to complete the repurchase -- at least five times larger than its average per quarter in the last fiscal year -- over the next three months. ``They won't announce it until it's done,'' Bellini said.

Despite this news, M$FT has hit a 52 week low of $18.00 today and continues to float there, down from peaks of $36 at the start of the year and $56 in 1999. Stock options were once an important mechanism to attract talent to the company.

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M$ Debt Scam Moving Smootly as Cash Goes to Zero.

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  • Do the stocks matter that much? I mean, according to the Google tickers, about every company's stock has lost half of its value. It's great to see Microsoft go down, but if every company does the same, is it really that big a deal?
    • by dedazo ( 737510 )

      This seems to be the fresh new meme. Amid the global macroeconomic meltdown, blabber with glee at the fact that the companies you hate are down along with everyone else, and use that as evidence that they are "dying". Just sprinkle some additional unsubstantiated FUD along with that and bob's your uncle.

      Google is down to about $250 from a 2008 high of seven hundred and twenty dollars. But it's just "M$" that happens to be dying, you know.

      Get your news from different sources and avoid psychotic FUDsters like

      • and avoid psychotic FUDsters like twitter. It's far better for your health in the long run.

        There's something in your, the other one.
        • by dedazo ( 737510 )

          If you mean psychotic, I will have you know dear sir that after my electric shock treatment I do not have to use the bib anymore, and I'm allowed to use a fork without supervision almost all the time.

          If you mean FUD, please point me to the nearest example of that so I can concede and praise your good manners.

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