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Journal twitter's Journal: Celebrating GNash Working with YouTube. 4

Gnash now works reliably with Iceweasel in Lenny. Flash advertising is annoying at first but a right click brings up two nice features. The most obvious ones are movie control, sound and quit controls. The less obvious feature is a start in pause mode in preference so you are only subjected to flash you want to see. This feature was not quite working for me yet nor was the save file option. Movies started from pause showed only a white screen, so you have to disable pause for the few pages where you want to see things. Clive will save things until the right click dialog is fixed. Sites like YouTube work very well. Rejoice! another evil format has been conquered by user friendly free software. The level of control is already superior to ordinary Flash.

What better way to celebrate than to compile a collection of Vista sucks videos? Here are more than 50 people, including Bill Gates, saying how much they hate Vista. This is intended as a complement to the Vista Failure Log. It's one thing to read about this stuff and it's another to see it yourself.

0. BSoD at Launch. The applause and laugh tracks are fake, so don't let them keep you from laughing out loud when you feel like you should. Instead of applause, real users made noises like the rest of this list:

  1. 02/01/2007 - Incompatible with everything shreds the Install Media.
  2. 02/05/2007 - long boot ends in BSoD
  3. 02/06/2007 - Just one word to describe it
  4. 02/13/2007 - Endless reboot.
  5. 02/19/2007 - Should you upgrade or not? Disco montage of days long, painful process from broken box to BSoD and reject back to XP.
  6. 02/27/2007 - Clumsy ftp dialogs
  7. 03/12/2007 - Very frustrated young man. Did not learn his lesson from XP but still remembers it's buggy launch.
  8. 03/07/2008 - menu search is buggy
  9. 04/02/2007 - FUBAR display
  10. 06/04/2007 - Don't use Vista "garbage" after year of beta testing.
  11. 06/13/2007 - Would you like to reset your computer now?
  12. 09/02/2007 - Angry man in your face.
  13. 09/02/2007 - Display fail on Toshiba laptop
  14. 09/02/2007 - strange anger
  15. 09/04/2007 - Chris Prillo BSoD, wow.
  16. 09/22/2007 - Long early rant resource hog, DRM troubles with own video files, bugs, everything rearanged. Makes him think well of XP.
  17. 09/30/2007 - won't boot
  18. 10/26/2007 - Staples employee distills months of Vista support nightmare, it made XP look good.
  19. 11/24/2007 - Forced upgrade spoof
  20. 12/09/2007 - Crashes on boot
  21. 12/16/2007 - BSoD collection
  22. 12/26/2007 - Random screen errors
  23. 01/03/2008 - can't look at a picture.
  24. 01/05/2008 - Lots of effort to make a statement
  25. 01/11/2008 - Bill Gates says it sucks
  26. 01/23/2008 - Error and bug mix
  27. 02/16/2008 - $1,200 upgrade to trash story
  28. 02/16/2008 - Purple people eater
  29. 02/26/2008 - display flake out
  30. 04/01/2008 - Frozen Chess
  31. 04/08/2008 - Media playing errors
  32. 05/08/2008 - BlipTV's Funny
  33. 05/11/2008 - Someone's nightmare funny.
  34. 06/03/2008 - M$ Explorer problem, split screen frozen.
  35. 06/06/2008 - DVD executed by electrocution.
  36. 06/10/2008 - updates suck
  37. 06/11/2008 - Vista is slow. Has run an different version on lots of hardware. Defensive from intensive trolling.
  38. 06/16/2008 - Infinite Ding Dong of errors and fail for racing game
  39. 06/25/2008 - Won't delete files
  40. 07/07/2008 - Vista sucks my balls
  41. 07/16/2008 - frozen SP1
  42. 07/31/2008 - Mojave spoof, this one is funny
  43. 08/07/2008 - all shortcuts and 'show desktop' not working
  44. 08/13/2008 - Split screen on new machine
  45. 08/16/2008 - A slide show
  46. 08/29/2008 - Very angry security anoyances, screen resolution resets, games don't work.
  47. 09/04/2008 - Angry man can no longer watch TV without Blue Screen of Death
  48. 09/07/2008 - Lost work, general flakeyness but Ubuntu looks great.
  49. 09/26/2008 - Buggy hard drive
  50. 09/28/2008 - Mojave spoof.
  51. 09/30/2008 - excellent Chris Prillo rant
  52. 10/02/2008 - can't play his games, random reboots
  53. 10/19/2008 - failed media player

08/18/02/2008 - Bonus! Angry dude in basement defends vista. "It ain't that bad," is the best he can come up with. Ignore all the problems people above have had, it's not real, they are liars. Yeah, right.

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Celebrating GNash Working with YouTube.

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  • I hate to douse your fire man but Gnash is not nearly done yet. The extended controls are great but Gnash only works with a really small handful of sites. For now, it's only useful if the only site you visit is YouTube.
    I long for the day where it will work completely since I have a severe dislike for Adobe's Flash but I'm afraid it'll take another year(s).

    The biggest problem lies in the EULA of Adobe Flash. Once you installed it, you're not allowed to work on any replacement. Of course this EULA probably w

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