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Journal twitter's Journal: Midsized Enterprise Skips Vista. 1

Vista's incompatibility, lack of features and general suckage are keeping business away.

The [vast] majority of the 340 CIOs polled at [Midsize Enterprise Summit], indicated that they plan to skip Vista altogether.

[one hospitality] CIO said his company tested Vista on a number of systems and found troubling compatibility issues. "It isn't a price issue," he said. "It's a hassle issue."

A CIO for a manufacturing company said his company had planned to move to Vista but pushed its timetable back after experiencing problems including interoperability issues and what he called all kinds of "strange things" happening between the different versions of Office and Windows and SharePoint. ... On the systems that have been moved to Vista, the company has seen a significant increase in help desk calls, he said.

So, two years and hundreds of millions of advertising dollars later Vista is still a dung heap that no one wants.

Neither reporter mentions GNU/Linux, Mac or any other existing escape. Instead they talk about W2k, XP, Windows 7 and other crack pipe vapor talk. How anyone can expect Windows 7 to be any different?

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Midsized Enterprise Skips Vista.

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