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Journal twitter's Journal: M$ Still Claims Vista is Most Secure Desktop Available. 3

Despite much evidence to the contrary, M$ still claims Vista is more secure than XP, OSX and GNU/Linux by using the tired number of patches available argument. Emil Protalinski of Ars Technia takes them to task for this and demonstrates that Mac and GNU/Linux users have less to worry about. Others have shown that Vista is no better than XP and still inadequate. M$ has been saying the same things about Vista for two years now. When will they learn?

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M$ Still Claims Vista is Most Secure Desktop Available.

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  • Twitter, I'd love to know how much Microsoft pay you to do this stuff. Even OSS guys try and gag you, it's insane.

    Thanks too for the journal entry; I didn't realise I had become so noticeable!

    • What I love the most is how he set it up so only his "friends" could comment on the journal. What is he afraid of? Could it be he is afraid of someone point out all of the fud and lies [] he posts in some of his journals?

      • I think the fact he and his sock-puppets (or at the very least, the people that have an identical rhetoric) post at -1 speaks volumes really.

        Thanks for the journal-entry incidentally. I do honestly wonder if "twitter" is not just some backwards MS pro PR though - perhaps a over-zealous MS fanboi or something. The good thing is most people can see through it.

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