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Journal twitter's Journal: Apple no longer thinks Fake Steve Jobs is Funny

Apple has has told Newsweek not to hire fake Steve Jobs, aka Dan Lyons.

Lyons said that when Apple heard that he was moving to Newsweek, the outfit rang up his new bosses to complain about his hiring. He said Apple wanted him blacklisted for penning his Fake Steve Jobs column.

There are a lot of reasons to not take Lyons seriously, non of them are Apple's business and the charges are serious. Mr. Lyons squandered his reputation on the SCO extortion and insulting everyone the microtards hate. His current claims against Apple are an attack on Newsweek's journalistic integrity and an acme of hypocrisy.

Steve Jobs once said:

I have read a few of the Fake Steve Jobs things recently and I think they're pretty funny.

That might not be true now. How much of Jobs statement was politics and how much of it was bad taste is something only the real one can know.

Lyon's downfall should be a warning to anyone tempted to play the M$ FUD game. He earned a living for a few years but we see again what happens to people who sell their reputation. There's always another tool in line to undercut your price and there are never enough slots in the corporate sponsored, "mainstream" papers like Newsweek. He also knew it was coming, when unmasking him, Stone reported that Lyons chuckled at the prospect of being "called to account for some of Fake Steve's stinging, personal posts." Given the man's history this is probably just another elaborately planned lie.

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Apple no longer thinks Fake Steve Jobs is Funny

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