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Journal twitter's Journal: Vista Debacle is Helping Apple Sales and GNU/Linux.

Infoworld speculates that the Vista failure is helping Apple sales.

I can't help wonder if some portion of Apple's growth isn't coming as a result of Microsoft's Vista debacle. Ok, maybe debacle is too strong a word. But all I hear is complaints about Vista: it's slower than XP, requires more memory, no real new features. Forrester research reported at the end of 2007 that Vista has approximately a 6.3% market share among corporate users. Gartner has said Windows is "collapsing" and has pegged the number at 1% of corporate desktops and 3% of laptops. Considering that Vista was launched with great fanfare nearly two years ago, that's a pretty weak outcome. In it's last quarter, Microsoft announced that Windows sales declined by 24%. Worse yet, Windows XP, Microsoft's previous OS release, is no longer available from many vendors, and Microsoft is threatening to end-of-life XP altogether June 30.

No mention of free software is made, though it's low cost and works on any machine XP does. It's too bad the tech press so often overlooks this obvious option.

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Vista Debacle is Helping Apple Sales and GNU/Linux.

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