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Journal twitter's Journal: George Ou's All Night Fight with Vista.

George Ou, mostly memorable for his strange assault on Peter Gutmann, has written an amazing piece on his real world experience with Vista's SP1. An image from 2 AM and an update at 4 AM give you an idea of how fun his "Death encounters with Vista SP1 RTM" was. He pretty much kills two computers. Voodoo reboots seem to awaken one of them, the other one he blames on a video codec. Along the way, he complains about the sad state of media editing on Vista and how IE7 is constantly crashing on him regardless of windows version.

I completed the first two installations of Vista SP1 RTM upgrade last night on to my primary desktop computer and my first Vista laptop meant to be my new work computer. The result is a near death experience with my desktop computer, and then a real death experience with the laptop. ... I will try to get some help from Microsoft to see if we can resolve this issue.

The desktop computer almost didnt make the upgrade but finally managed to pull itself out of the gates of hell. The SP1 upgrade on both computers took more than an hour to install along with multiple reboots. When the desktop system finally allowed me to log in, it went in to non-aero mode and it refused to let me flip in to aero. The sound was temporarily messed up but I managed to get it working after I enabled the sound. 5 minutes after I logged in the Windows SP1 upgrade finally told me it was finished which seems strange since you would think the user should be locked out until everything was done. Since I couldnt get aero running I figured Id try rebooting but the next reboot just seemed to hang on a black screen with a working mouse pointer for 5 minutes so I tried rebooting again. On that last reboot everything finally came up and I breathed a sigh of relief.

The laptop computer on the other hand went a little smoother on the SP1 upgrade and worked fine for about two hours until I installed the latest DivX codec and the whole machine just locked up after Vista popped up the Windows experience feedback prompt. Now this laptop locks up the entire computer within 15 seconds of logging in and theres no way I even have time to run system restore to see if I can get it to the state right after I installed SP1. All I see is a locked up Vista screen and the laptop is as useful as a bookend. ...

I was told that Windows Vista SP1 would fix was the minute long login times for a Vista computer joined to an Active Directory. This turned out to be false at least in my case since it still takes 55 seconds of looking at the Welcome message after I type in my password. ...

My desktop computer seems to be a lot healthier now after I installed Vista SP1. The Vista install seemed to have gotten corrupted to the point that IE7 was locking up left and right while I kept getting these error messages from Windows Media Center Store Upgrade Manager shown in the figure below. [UPDATE 4:15AM - Looks like I may have spoken a bit too soon and the talkback tool here still locks up IE7 pretty hard on this computer. Im not sure if its related to the talkback or something else on that page thats causing it. All I know is that IE7 has been locking up hard on my Windows XP laptop and Vista machine for the last month or more.] ...So far that error message hasnt popped up yet and IE7 seems to have stabilized now and its no longer locking up the CPU to 100% utilization on a single CPU core.

Windows Movie Maker for Vista still a stinker: If youre wondering why I even bother with the DivX codec and Dr. DivX video encoder, its because Microsofts Windows Media Encoder 9.0 is old and doesnt support high definition HDV formats yet and Windows Movie Maker for Vista is still garbage. If you attempt to use Windows Movie Maker to encode HDV videos, it will only encode one corner of the video at standard resolution and leave out most of the rest of the video frame. ... Id love to be able to encode in to the 1080p Windows Media Advanced Profile format that Windows Media Encoder 9 promises but the software simply doesnt work. Making things worse, I was hoping Windows Movie Maker which only comes with the Premium or Ultimate Edition would actually be a complete application by now but I would be disappointed again. ... The new Windows Movie Maker for Vista does support HDV format but it teases you by asking you if you want to Import entire videotape or just parts?. Then it only gives you the option to Import the entire videotape to my computer as shown in the screenshot below. If anyone knows of a cheap or free non-bloated HDV capture program for Windows, please tell me in the talkback. ...

[ah, but he's still the loyal Softie]... at this point its still to early to draw any conclusions about Vista SP1 and the problems I faced may be unique to my particular setup or hardware. It certainly doesnt make a good first impression for me and you need to be careful anytime you install a major upgrade like this.

Bravo George, with defenders like you Vista does not need any detractors like me. I think you owe a Gutmann an apology. By the way, Konqueror works well with your talkback tool.

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George Ou's All Night Fight with Vista.

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