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Journal twitter's Journal: InfoWorld Editor Joins Vista Consensus Opinion.

Somehow, I missed this late November apology from yet another IT writer, Randall Kennedy. He admits that he was too easy on Vista and advises IT users to skip the "buggy, bloated, immature OS with no tangible value add".

I went easy on Vista's performance characteristics when it first came out. ... when Service Pack 1 failed to close the performance gap I, too, wrote-off Vista for performance-critical tasks.

For the vast majority of enterprise IT shops, Vista is NOT - and likely NEVER will be - the right choice for their immediate desktop computing needs.

In 2007, PC Magazine, PC World, the Atlantic Monthly, ZDNet, the Independent, EWeek, ITWeek, Dvorak, CNet and Network World all agreed with 90% of IT managers in thinking that Vista should be avoided. ExtremeTech wrote Vista's obituary in 2008. This was followed by USA Today and Time, which called Microsoft an "empire in rapid decline". Even Dan Lyons sees, "a gloomy Vista for Microsoft."

The magnitude of Vista's mainstream press rejection is best seen in this collection. The author of MicroSplot has organized hundreds of articles by topic.

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InfoWorld Editor Joins Vista Consensus Opinion.

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