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Journal twitter's Journal: Analysts Not Drinking the Vista Kool-Aid: Sales are Poor. 1

While M$ continues to claim "strong demand" for Vista, numbers show that sales are slowing and are a fraction of what XP claimed in a smaller world market:

Sales figures from NPD Group show that on-shelf software sales (as opposed to sales of new PCs pre-loaded with the operating system) are only 40% of the sales XP was doing around the same time following its launch [even though] consumers are buying about 100 million more PC computers today than during the launch of XP. ... 80% of Microsoft's revenues come from OEM sales. "The point is that the trend to widespread adoption, particularly among business customers, does not appear to be all that strong" customers aren't moving to Vista in large numbers.

The analysts speculate that more hype could boost sales but everyone is already aware of Vista and reviews continue to report more pain than gain. The article also noted vendor suffering but missed the big news about DSG.

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Analysts Not Drinking the Vista Kool-Aid: Sales are Poor.

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