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Journal twitter's Journal: Vista Failure Log Shows up #7 for "Vista Failure" search. 16

Good news. Yesterday, I noticed that the Vista Failure Log registered in the top ten Google search results for "Vista Failure", beating out 3,500,000 or so other hits. People are reading and linking to it.

It even shows up in Microsoft's irrelevant search. If you search, "vista failure slashdot" you get it in the text for the first result, which has this beauty. Thanks Microsoft!

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Vista Failure Log Shows up #7 for "Vista Failure" search.

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  • Maybe it's because there's not a lot of people saying that Vista is a failure (because it's not) and you link that blog entry with this and your sockpuppet account at every possible opportunity?

    You do know that's how Google ranks are calculated, not on actual relevance? No? Sorry to burst your bubble, then.

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