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Journal twitter's Journal: Express Your Opinion, Get Fired.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco affirmed a police department had the right to fire an officer for diminishing public respect for the department. The lone dissenting vote noted that the decision had broad implications.

[the officer ran] a Web site that featured sexually explicit photos and videos of his wife

one member of the three-judge panel said the court's rationale might apply equally to an off-duty officer who angered some members of the public by marching in a gay pride parade. He said police officers, like other public employees, have a right to free expression outside the workplace that is unrelated to their job, even if some find it objectionable.

Almost any behavior can be grounds for removal at that rate. It is absurd to think that criminals have respect for law enforcement to begin with or that they will not find some other taunt. This is just another part of the end of America. Dissent will be punished.

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Express Your Opinion, Get Fired.

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