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Journal twitter's Journal: 2nd Biggest Patch Tuesday of 2007 is Broken Vista Promise? 3

Microserfs, everywhere enjoyed the second largest patch Tuesday of 2007 today (see here also). Some see this as Microsoft not keeping it's promise of higher security for Vista.

Microsoft's August security patches, released today, provide a new chance to assess the company's promise of higher security in Windows Vista. The company released six critical security bulletins, and Windows Vista is among the versions affected by three of them. [RSS Gadgets, Windows Media Player and Virtual Server/VirtualPC have problems] ... Mac and Linux users can commence with the obligatory comments below.

Did anyone really think Vista would be better than any previous version of Windows?

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2nd Biggest Patch Tuesday of 2007 is Broken Vista Promise?

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  • I despise Microsoft and can't wait for them to curl up and die, whenever they do. I'm thrilled at how many people don't like Vista.

    However, discovering bugs in a product should be considered a good thing, not a bad one. The bugs are there - without doubt. If you don't hear bug reports, be afraid.
    • Its not bug reports that you should be hearing about. It's bug patches you want to hear about.
  • Did anyone really think Vista would be better than any previous version of Windows?

    This guy did. [] My favourite of the many great comments in response...

    When you say that Vista is more secure than the Mac, you may be techically right in some particular way of looking at it (I don't actually know -- and you know what probably neither do you), but it is so far away from real world experience that it makes you sound like an idiot, in the same way that saying goldfish live longer than humans makes you sound like an idiot. You might be right in some goldfish-years way of looking at it, but you are so clearly wrong in the way that really matters in the day-to-day, that one has to wonder exactly what world you are living in. Maybe your Goldfish Vista is the most beautiful tightly written goldfish the world has ever seen, but the plain fact of the matter is that in the real world, goldfish, like Windows systems, die faster than any other animal. So I'm afraid that you will never get credit for this no matter what you say. The only thing that matters is what happens "in the wild". And if you think that "in a few years" Windows will survive better in the wild than any other system, then what you are saying flies in the face of what accords with everybody's actual experience, including past attempts at greater security in Windows releases that made exactly no difference at all. In other words, bulls__t walks.

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