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Journal twitter's Journal: Vista's Media Suck. 5

This is going to be a list of Vista's media failures. While it should be clear that a system with digital restrictions is designed to extract money from the user, people putting these systems in place are promising better media as a result. Vista delivers a predictable decline in quality and increase in cost, when it actually works.

Sooner or later, all restricted media vanishes. This is not just a M$ problem, but M$ is worse than most. It should be noted that many driver problems were created when M$ yanked XP driver support from Vista at the last minute. Customer satisfaction is clearly less important to M$ than DRM.

More than entertainment is at stake here. DRM gives control of your computer to other people who can then decide what you record, watch and ultimately think and publish. A free society can not tolerate non free computing because a free society depends on a free press.

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Vista's Media Suck.

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