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Journal twitter's Journal: NYT says Wall Street is Losing Faith in M$. 5

In an article about the challenges facing M$, the New York Times reports this bombshell:

Microsofts dominance is being challenged as never before by Google in particular, and Wall Street refuses to believe the company will regain its edge. The companys stock has largely remained flat since the end of the dot-com era.

This sounds like common sense, but it's rare to see it in print.

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NYT says Wall Street is Losing Faith in M$.

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  • I'll bash them as much as the next guy, given a solid opportunity. But Microsoft remains one of the very few tech stocks that consistently pays dividends, and that's definitely worth something. That, along with a growing market for desktop computers, and a search engine share that expanded while every major competitor shrank... well, it suggests that either this isn't really true, or Wall Street just likes to jump on bandwagons, which tend to be behind the times. The Redmond giant may not exist in the same

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