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Journal twitter's Journal: Google throws cold water at Privacy International

As Privacy International is screaming, "Smear", Google's Matt Cutts takes a swipe at PI's report. Matt's message is simple and distressing:

... a company can work hard on privacy issues and still get dragged into the mud. Consider: in the last year or so, other companies gave users queries to the government, leaked millions of raw user queries, or even sold user queries and still came off better than Google did.

The smear accusation from Privacy International is strange and counter productive. Simon Davies gives wide publicity to accusations that they are in Microsoft's pocket. He takes the accusation apart but you have to wonder why he'd bother, besides the hit job feeling of the report and the tons of other Google FUD and sabotage spewing forth from Redmond. If the report is a hit job, so is Davies open letter.

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Google throws cold water at Privacy International

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