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Comment Wow (Score -1, Flamebait) 412

I forgot about the libertarian world view, since it's been decades since I was an undergraduate. I don't see how anything there that prevents the poor from getting poorer, and the rich from getting richer. Oh, and I almost forgot, libertarians think the minimum wage is wrong. Sounds like an excellent way to make the US a third-world country.

Comment Re:Another one bites the dust (Score 1) 365

If you want to get into the "You are the product" social networking business of selling people's data or mining it for your own marketing purposes, then MSFT buying out LinkedIn makes perfect sense.>/i>

At 26 billion dollars??? BWAHAHAHA!!!!! BWAHAHA!!!!!! Microsoft is paying 26 billion dollars for hundreds of millions of out of date contact information? BWAHAHAA!!!! I wonder how much they would give me for my Rolodex from 1995? Probably 3 million dollars!!! BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAAA!!!!

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