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Submission + - Java to be Restricted to Enterprise Use Only? (

turkeyfish writes: InfoWorld is reporting that
a pair of analysts at Forrester Research are claiming that Oracle will confine the use of Java to enterprise use. With Oracle imposing tighter control over how Java
can be used for broad use and use by third parties and the apparrent collapse of the Java Community Process evidenced by the Apache Foundation's departure from the JCP, how will
the future of Java in the broader community be affected? Where will those in places like universities, where much Java inovation has taken place in the past, go as the sun apparently sets on
the the concept of "Write Once, Run Anywhere", especially as budgets shrink at universities, non-profit organizations, and many small commercial shops and as the future of alternatives hang in the legal limbo of litigation?

What alternatives, if any, are developer's in such environments considering as the new reality that government no longer has a role to play and consequently both the internet and programming languages become tiered, into those for the have's and those for the have nots?


Submission + - Java to be Rstricted to Enterprise Use Only? ( 1

turkeyfish writes: InfoWorld is reporting that analysts at Forrester Research are claiming that Oracle is planning to restrict Java to a specialty niche as a tool for commercial enterprise development. What do slashdot users predict will be the future of Java as a lingua universalis of multiple computing platforms? Is the concept of "Write once, run anywhere dead" or are there other languages that will take over after Java becomes a speciality language? If so, which ones?

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