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Submission + - German Government Warns Windows 8 is an Unacceptable Security Risk (www.zeit.de)

An anonymous reader writes: Die Zeit has access to leaked documents from the German government warning that Windows 8 is an unacceptable security risk for sensitive workloads. The story is written in German here: http://www.zeit.de/digital/datenschutz/2013-08/trusted-computing-microsoft-windows-8-nsa but automatic translators (such as Google Translate) do a readable job. Particularly of concern is the inability to opt out of TPM 2.0 usage.

Submission + - Kubuntu opens up for donations (muktware.com)

sfcrazy writes: KDE-based Ubuntu flavor Kubuntu is now open for outside donations. The distribution was earlier funded by Canonical, but then as the company shifted focus towards mobile platform. Jonathan Riddell the lead Kubuntu developer who was hired by Canonical to develop Kubuntu was reassigned to other projects. Jonathan quit Canonical and joined Blue Systems, which funds other GNU/Linux based systems such as Linux Mint, to continue his work on Kubuntu. Now Kubuntu team is opening up for external donations to allow the team to invest more resources on making Kubuntu better.

Submission + - Apple Loses Bid For Emergency Ban On HTC Phone Imports (bloomberg.com)

tukang writes: The US International Trade Commission has rejected an emergency request by Apple to detain some HTC phones (including the One X and EVO 4G) at the border while the agency investigates Apple's claims of patent infringement. In May, HTC's phone shipment was held up at the border and was only allowed to pass after US Customs and Border Protection received assurances that HTC worked around Apple patents, a claim which Apple disputes.

Submission + - Google and Creator of 'Family Guy' Strike a Deal (nytimes.com)

tukang writes: Google is experimenting with a new method of distributing original material on the Web, and some Hollywood film financiers are betting millions that the company will succeed. The innovative part involves the distribution plan. Google will syndicate the program using its AdSense advertising system to thousands of Web sites that are predetermined to be gathering spots for Mr. MacFarlane's target audience, typically young men. Instead of placing a static ad on a Web page, Google will place a "Cavalcade" video clip.
The Internet

Submission + - Court fines eBay over fake goods (bbc.co.uk)

tukang writes: A French court has ordered eBay to pay 40m euros ($63m) in damages to luxury goods group LVMH for allowing online auctions of fake copies of its goods.

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