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Comment Re:Sure, but... (Score 1) 404

I have to agree with them not being much of a deterrent. We see so much of it on TV because there are just so many of them (cameras and crooks). I think a lot of people committing crimes in front of a camera just plain old don't give a crap. That's why they're breaking the law in the first place. Sure there are some that don't realize they're being recorded, but I think any criminal that really doesn't want to end up on camera just does the "crime from home" bit. Side note: I actually clicked on this to see who was correcting you, but it was you! I KNEW what you were saying! ;)

Comment Cruel and unusual? (Score 1) 189

I'm not sure how him being in jail is any different from being held hostage. They're waiting on a ransom. If I went around and changed all the server passwords at work, I think they would have to not only prove it was me, but also that I was being malicious before I'd spend that much time in jail. I'd probably just get fired for being a lousy employee before it got this far. MPO is that the City of SanFran should be responsible for hiring someone to fulfill their duties. It sounds like they did to me, but he's being held against his will because of it. If they had a problem with him, they should have fired him and moved on. Another issue I have is him being held over a password. Other than the obvious, what's the difference between that password and his own gmail password? Is this leading up to some sort of password ownership? COSF is the government. While they may have no interest in someone's WoW password, this sounds like it's going in the wrong direction to me.

Comment Portugal has been doing this... (Score 5, Informative) 640

With some positive results. Drug dealers still go to jail, but addicts go to treatment centers. Their main goal was to reduce deaths due to overdose which, five years later dropped as well as users infected by dirty needles. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=portugal-drug-decriminalization
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Submission + - Iran tries to crack games market (bbc.co.uk)

tufa.king.nerdy writes: Iranian game developers representing the Iran National Foundation of Computer Games had a stand at Gamescom in Cologne. Amir Tarbyatjoui, head of Parsan Business Development Solutions who managed the stand said that while most Western developers used Greek, Norse, or Roman mythology to base their games on, Iran had its own unique mythology that has rarely been used in video games. According to Mr. Tarbyatjoui, Iran is becoming a leading player in video game development in the Middle East and that the event in Cologne was to show people just what they were capable of.

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