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New MacBooks drop Boot Camp support for Windows 7
For several years now, Apple computer users who have still needed to run the Windows operating system have been apple to rely Boot Camp, a tool in OS X that allows a native installation of the Microsoft software on a partitioned hard drive. If you're one of...
Patent filing suggests “Taptic” technology from the Apple Watch could drive ... Digital Trends
No More Boot Camp support for Windows 7 On Some MacBooksGadget Gestures
Review: Apple's early 2015 13" MacBook Pro with Force Touch trackpadApple Insider
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Submission + - BlackBerry 10 could be 'too little, too late' (bgr.com)

zacharye writes: Research In Motion confirmed part of an exclusive BGR report Thursday night when its co-CEOs announced during an earnings call that its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone would not launch until the “latter part of 2012.” Despite RIM’s earlier statement that a QNX-powered smartphone would launch in the first half next year, we reported in November that RIM’s first next-generation smartphone would not launch until the third quarter. RIM co-Chief Mike Lazaridis blamed the delay on new dual-core processors that were not yet ready to be manufactured in bulk, but the fact remains that by the time RIM’s first QNX-based smartphone launches it will be competing against Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone, a horde of new Android phones with next-generation features and specs, a variety of Windows Phones from Nokia, and more...

Submission + - GNOME launches campaign for accessibility (gnome.org)

An anonymous reader writes: We've launched a new campaign at GNOME today. We know that computing must be accessible to everyone and so we want to make 2012 the Year of Accessibility at GNOME. GNOME has been one of the most accessible desktops but with GNOME 3 we have a lot to catch up on in this area. I've been so inspired by the work of the GNOME a11y team and how they're committed to making sure that everyone has access to good computing regardless of disability or financial status. It's nonprofit free software development at its core — software for the public good! Karen Sandler, GNOME's Executive Director

Submission + - Ask slashdot -- Oracle: getting rid of the drug de

vikingpower writes: "Working with a software and consultancy firm, together with two colleagues I am in the process of trying to convince a major ( and I mean: major ) media corporation to free itself from Oracle's considerable grip. The problem is: the corporation in question is as "hooked" as any addict can be. Coming loose from Oracle, however, would make them realize an enormous saving, not to speak of liberating quite some human resources from tedious maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

How do we convince this corporation of what is good for them ?"

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