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Submission + - Adobe Snatches Up Stars from Crumbling MERL (

Andrew Koyfman writes: "Xconomy reports that a good number of MERL refugees are being scooped up by Adobe Systems' Advanced Technology Labs. The researchers, including Wojciech Matusik, Shai Avidan (of recent photo-resizing fame), and Paris Smaragdis, will form Adobe's first real research outpost outside the San Jose-Seattle axis, at an existing software development office in Newton, MA. Adobe employees are evidently energized by the new hires, and while product managment denies that any particular product (i.e. Avidan's seam-carving algorithm) will be included in the next version of Photoshop, they are evaluating the talents of the new group. One hopes that they will capitalize on their research investment and start delivering cool new tools."
Linux Business

Submission + - HP launches Redhat-based desktop PCs (

Vegemite07 writes: "More bad news for Microsoft: the world's largest PC maker, Hewlett Packard, has announced it will start shipping desktop PCs preloaded with RedHat Enterprise Linux Desktop 5 in Australia from as little as $AU600 ($US486). RHELD5 comes with OpenOffice, Firefox and Evolution included. The clear message from HP is that small businesses can now avoid the licence cost of buying Vista and Office on their PCs while retaining "big PC manufacturer" levels of support."
The Gimp

Submission + - Name your disability!

Audent writes: "Slashdot poll: What's your disability? 1: Glasses/contacts/surgery 2: Arrrr yer kiddin' me? 3: missing digit 4: what did you say? 5: the glasses! Zey do nussink! 6: Cowboy Neal is all the disability I need"
The Internet

Submission + - Mapping the Net, Node by Node (

indiejade writes: "To the Big Node: little node Department Creating a unique functional mapping of the Internet, one that plots topography as well as function, was the goal of researchers at the Bar Ilan University in Israel. Their findings rank nodes according to efficiency. "The increased use of peer-to-peer communications could improve the overall capacity of the Internet and make it run much more smoothly," their study concluded.

"A dense core of 80 or so critical nodes surrounded by an outer shell of 5,000 sparsely connected, isolated nodes that are very much dependent upon this core. Separating the core from the outer shell are approximately 15,000 peer-connected and self-sufficient nodes. Take away the core, and an interesting thing happens: about 30 percent of the nodes from the outer shell become completely cut off. . . . Three distinct regions are apparent: an inner core of highly connected nodes, an outer periphery of isolated networks, and a mantle-like mass of peer-connected nodes. The bigger the node, the more connections it has."
The mapping, which was based on data from the assistance of 5,000 online volunteers, was published in a recent issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences magazine."


Submission + - Amazon cuts Royal Mail delivery contract (

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC reports that Amazon has announced an end to part of its delivery contract with the Royal Mail, specifically the delivery of non-first-class postage such as that sent by Amazon's popular "Super Saver" delivery. Royal Mail, having recently lost its government-sponsored monopoly on the UK postal service, is already in some financial trouble and on the verge of its first strike in over a decade. The loss of the Amazon contract may be a sign that the Royal Mail is faltering, possibly to be overtaken by new businesses with better funding in the future.

Google Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development 352

slugo writes "Internet search giant Google (GOOG) hopes to speed the development of plug-in hybrid cars by giving away millions of dollars to people and companies that have what appear to be practical ways to get plug-in hybrid automobiles to market faster. 'While many people don't associate Google with energy, analysts say the fit isn't all that unnatural. Renewable energy, unlike coal or nuclear, will likely come from thousands or tens of thousands of different locations. Analysts have long said that one of the big challenges will be managing that flow into and out of the nation's electric grid, and that companies that manage the flow of information are well placed to handle that task.'"

Submission + - Ron Paul to be Excluded from Iowa Debate (

teaX0r writes: "Republican candidate Ron Paul will be excluded from the Presidential debate in Iowa sponsored by Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance. I find it interesting that the candidate with the best voting record on voting against new taxes and a Christian pro-lifer is being excluded from the debate. I wonder who is worried about an anti-war libertarian-leaning Republican speaking in a public debate?"

Submission + - Linux DDK to encourage one driver for all printers

LiquidNitrogen writes: "Cacheyourcash points out the news on that quotes as following:
The Linux Foundation last week announced the free availability of the Linux Standard Base Driver Development Kit for print drivers. The DDK provides the tools and resources for printing manufacturers to easily support all Linux distributions with one driver package, greatly reducing the time and effort needed to support Linux, a foundation spokesperson said.
You can download the new DDK here"

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