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Submission + - AI - Playing Score4 (functional/imperative style) (

ttsiod writes: "... I always try to find ways to "lure" my nephews and nieces towards science and engineering, so after a number of Score4 rounds with my 7 year-old niece, I told Theodora that by being a programmer, her uncle could create something "magical" on her laptop: a program that would play Score4 so well, that it would beat her, me, and every other human she knows.

She smiled and said "I'd like to see that, uncle!"... and that's when this story started..."


Submission + - A simple 3d benchmark in HTML5/Javascript (

ttsiod writes: Having heard so much about HTML5/Javascript over the last years, I finally took the plunge, and after 5h of coding (mostly spent Googling for the way to do PutPixel), I humbly submit my first HTML5/Javascript app: a simple 3d benchmark that "stress-tests" the browser's Javascript engine. It turned out to be a nice race between Chrome, Opera and Firefox4. Run it and see how your results compare....

Submission + - A universe simulation in 200 Python lines :-) ( 2

ttsiod writes: I've always been fascinated by space — ever since I read "The Family of the Sun", when I was young. And I always wanted to simulate what I've read about Newton's law of gravity, and see what happens in... a universe of my own making... :-) Well, I'm happy to report... that I verified the "Big Bang" in less than 200 lines of Python (using pygame to plot the... celestial objects). OK, OK, I am just a geek goofing around... so what? Enjoy!

Submission + - Corporations, IT, and a decent rant (

ttsiod writes: 5 years ago, I was yet another drone working in a huge disaster of a project — that eventually went down in flames. The project took place in a large telecom operator, and had already become a joke for those of us who had the clarity to see it for what it was — that is, a huge waste of shareholders money (not that they ever got wind of it). I wrote a rant back then, but decided not to publish it, letting myself cool a bit and see it rationally years later. Well, years later, it still makes sense — perfect sense. And it has proven itself time and again. I share it with my fellow Slashdotters, inviting their own stories in the comments...

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