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Comment Re: Affirmative Action (Score 1) 529

Perhaps you've seen the news lately where unarmed (and often cooperating) black folks have been killed by police *on video* in a markedly different way than their official report says, and the officers have more often than not been cleared of any criminal prosecution.

Maybe making notable changes to a society that allows that to happen regularly could be a first step toward black folks "getting over it"?

Comment Re: Affirmative Action (Score 3, Insightful) 529

Jewish = religious tradition and linguistic, cultural, and historical heritage
Polish = linguistic, cultural, and historical heritage
Native American = too vague without tribe

Now let's look at black folks in general in the US. Religion? Tossed aside and forced to convert to Christianity. Some small vestiges eake by in voodoo. Language before slavery? Tossed aside and forcibly forgotten while simultaneously forbidding English education and literacy. Cultural memory before slavery? Eradicated. History before slavery. Erased.

We say "African American" because you have a huge swath of people that have no idea what country their ancestors came from, no idea what tribe, no idea the heritage, no idea the lineage, no idea the cultural connections...

Imagine forcing people to forget their families were Irish or Polish or Russian or French. Imagine no idea they came from Christian or Jewish communities. And all records from the time destroyed so that you have no hope of ever finding out. Ever. Your ancestral history? Gone. Poof.

No tell me again how you don't see any difference.

Comment Re: Affirmative Action (Score 1) 529

It is late when it's the only form of outreach. Unfortunately other forms of support like subsidized school lunches, Head Start, after school programs, enforcement of equal housing and employment laws, etc. were all on the GOP budget chopping block. I'd be thrilled if that education pipeline were fixed up. Instead we're debating the merits of slashing yet another rung in the ladder.

Comment Reverse discrimination? (Score 2, Insightful) 529

Like when peaceful white protesters have had dogs and fire hoses set on them by all black police departments? When white families were denied access to housing in black neighborhoods? When job applicants were looked over simply because they had a white sounding name? When white kids were more likely to be suspended or expelled from school for the same offenses as black kids? When black felons were more likely to get a job offer than a white person with a clean record? How about when whites were directed toward subprime mortgages while black counterparts at the same credit rating were given better interest rates? When whites were given the death penalty at higher rates than blacks for the same offense? When white jail time in general was longer than blacks for the same offense? When unarmed, non-resisting whites are much more likely to be killed by police than blacks? You mean when whites are referred to as "thugs" in the media when black folks aren't?

You must mean that "reverse racism" since that has been the racism that black folks have been living through, but in reverse.


Submission + - Google becoming a force in national campaigns (onthemedia.org)

Reverberant writes: "NPR's On the Media ran a segment on Google. While the segment touched about the widely reported story of Google's low privacy ranking, the segment also examined Google's growing influence on national politics by way of YouTube. The correspondents speculate that, in the not-to-distant future, candidates may have to make visits to Google's Mountain View headquarters in the same way that candidates today have sit-downs with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register "

Submission + - Media Cataloging Software

Rich0 writes: I have a growing pile of CDs/DVDs holding hundreds of GB of files. I would like a linux-compatible software solution to cataloging and searching these disks. Lots of solutions exist for music/video, but not so many for files.

Some features I'd like would be the ability to easily scan the disks (pop in disc, software reads disc, software prompts for a name (with something sensible defaulted), software ejects disc, softare tells me what if any label to write/apply to the disc, and software is ready for the next disc).

I've seen one or two packages out there but they usually require lots of manual disk labelling, or their search capabilities are limited. Windows-only software won't be of much use to me.

What are others using to manage their media collections?
The Courts

Submission + - ND Farmers Sue DEA (forbes.com)

MrMunkey writes: There is an article about two farmers from the US state of North Dakota suing the DEA. Earlier this year they underwent background checks and were granted state licenses to grow Hemp, a non-narcotic cousin of marijuana, and then the applications were sent to the DEA for approval at the federal level. The state's agriculture commissioner, Roger Johnson, hand delivered those applications, along with the required yearly application fees, to the DEA in February of this year. He asked for a decision by April so that the farmers would have time to plant the crops, but the DEA has failed to come to a decision.

Johnson repeatedly has said he is upset that [the] DEA refers to industrial hemp as marijuana and won't distinguish between the two.

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