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Submission + - Eye-surgery by magnetically-guided microrobots moves toward clinical trials (

Sabine Hauert writes: According to robotics researcher Simone Schürle from ETH Zurich’s Multi-Scale Robotics Lab (MSRL), the OctoMag is a magnetic manipulation system that uses electromagnetic coils to wirelessly guide microrobots for ophthalmic surgery. With this system, mobility experiments were conducted in which a microrobot with a diameter of 285 um (about four times the width of a hair) was navigated reliably through the eye of a rabbit, demonstrating the feasibility of using this technology in surgical applications.

Submission + - Apple Discontinues Mac Pro in EU (

jones_supa writes: Apple has been forced to remove the Mac Pro from sale in European Union after an amendment to a safety regulation left the machines incompliant. The updated electronics safety standard IEC 60950-1 increases requirements around electrical port protection and the fan guards in the system. Apple does not plan to modify their machines and will simply pull them from market in the EU. Apple wishes to warn customers and partners about the change so that they would have sufficient time to order Mac Pro units and meet any needs prior to 1 March, when the amendment comes into effect.

Submission + - IDC Predicts Windows Phone to Overtake iOS by 2016 ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: By the end of 2016, according to International Data Corp., Microsoft‘s Windows Phone 7 will inch ahead of Apple‘s iOS to become the world’s #2 mobile operating system. Google‘s Android is expected to remain the world’s best-selling mobile OS, but with share shrinking steadily between then and now.
The Military

Submission + - UK In Danger From Electromagnetic Bomb, Says Defence Secretary (

judgecorp writes: "Britain must build defences against an EMP bomb, the UK Secretary of Defence Phillip Hammond told a conference today. Electromagnetic Pulse devices mimic the result of a solar flare or a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere, creating a storm of electromagnetic radiation, which can break mobile networks and satellite systems. Any preparation for olar storms must also consider the possibility of deliberate electromagnetic events, warns Hammond."

Submission + - Osama Bin Laden didn't encrypt his files (

An anonymous reader writes: If you're running a terrorist organisation, it might make sense to encrypt your files.

Clearly Osama Bin Laden didn't realise that — as some of the documents seized during the raid on his hideout in Pakistan have been made public for the first time.

17 electronic documents, which were found on USB sticks, memory cards and computer hard drives after US Navy Seals killed the terrorist chief in the May 2011 raid, are being released in their original Arabic alongside English translations by the Combating Terrorism Center, reports Sophos.


Submission + - IBM Releases OpenSource EGL Development Tools (

dd1968 writes: "Today IBM announced the release (
of a new set of OpenSource development tools based on their EGL programming language.

The announcement ( describes the tools as being built from the ground up on an "open, extensible compiler and generator framework".

The one-language approach places an abstraction layer between the developer and target languages, frameworks, and runtime platforms."

The Internet

Submission + - Infidelity rife in cybersex world ( 4

bennyboy64 writes: "According to new research more people than ever are seeking treatment for their cybersex addiction. Doctoral candidate Marcus Squirrell surveyed over 1,300 internet users who regularly frequented online sex, fetish and swinging sites to engage in online sexual activities, which included accessing erotic pictures, as well as interacting with others using chat rooms and webcams. According to Squirrell, a "fairly large percentage" of respondents admitted to taking part in cybersex activities outside the comfort of their home. "A lot of people who have got problems with compulsive online sexual behaviour can't actually control themselves and end up doing it at work as well," Squirrell said. In some cases people were participating in online sexual activites for up to ten hour per day. Squirrell also found that more than half the participants who engaged in cybersex were married or in a serious relationship."

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