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Comment Standard protocol (Score 2) 102

I wish the EU would force makers of messaging software to standardize the protocols they use so that I can choose to use the program I want to use. As it is now you have to use what everybody uses to stay in touch with your friends, so now I have to give the datasuckers at Facebook all the information I so desparately don't want them to have because Whatsapp is a handy tool that everyone uses. I would gladly pay for a program that does what Whatsapp did before it was part of Facebook and nothing else, but I can't now because I can't force friends and relatives to use the same thing I do.

Comment Re:bad driving (Score 2) 277

You can't expect people to know more about autopilots. The person you replied to is marked as a troll bit she is just saying waht every non-nerd would say. Therefore I wonder how long Tesla will still get away with their 'but in the fine print it says...' rethoric.

Comment Re:Apple does what it wants (Score 1) 472

To help improve your replies I have the following suggestion: after you read or heard or saw something that upset you, count to 100 before you formulate a reply. During the time you count to 100 you will calm down a bit, and then you will be able to formulate a coherent response instead of the mindless drivel you posted above. It's better for all of us, you'll soon find.

Comment Evolution (Score 1, Interesting) 321

It's Darwin at work. People get children much later in life than they used to. This means the chance that they get a healthy child is lower than it was before. The children who are born healthy have a greater chance of reproducing and living long and healthy lives, so they also get their old age deseases at a higher age. Their children get this ability too so humanity as a whole gets to live longer and healthier (provided nutrition isn't a problem).

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