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Comment Re:dealership only sales and service coming soon? (Score 1) 102

Are you serious? Couldn't possibly be because interference to GPS and cell service caused direct risk of life and economic damage? Surely it was lienholders who drove the banning of unlicensed crap radio hardware with wide-band, spurious, and unsuppressed harmonic emissions.

Comment Re:Google can tell me the definition of hypocrisy (Score 1) 350

They just report their percentage of voluntary employee participation alongside their results. If one ethnic guy filled out his form and all the white guys didn't, it mathematically HAS TO skew the results. But a low participation count is basically a giant asterisk alongside the information.

Comment Re:What type of solar (Score 1) 504

Loss is a really interesting thing to think about. Most people think about the losses just disappearing, and relative to the electrical circuits, they do. I had an interesting experience when I started converting to CFLs and LEDs a few years ago. I found several new drafts in my house I had not been aware of and eventually bought all new windows. The incandescent lighting had basically been functioning as a distributed space heater system. It was significant enough to be noticeable, to me at least. If those lights were sufficient to function as space heaters in cold weather, they must have also been sufficient to cause my A/C unit to overwork in hot weather when the lighting was powered on.

That led me to: what exactly are the cascading impacts of loss in the form of heat in a home?

Comment Re:What type of solar (Score 3, Interesting) 504

I don't like to reply to ACs, but your feedback seems meant to be legitimate, so I will assume you're not trolling. Even though the *facepalm* is a bit presumptive. I've clearly spent a lot more time thinking about this topic than you have.

I honestly can't imagine what you have in your house that would reach hundreds of amps on the proposed DC bus. Note that I am not advocating the DC bus running all the heavy appliance loads, but rather only all lighting and consumer electronics loads, something like 1 kW at 24V DC would seem adequate. Telecom has used 48V DC for a long time, so there is some precedent that could be leveraged for designs in this area.

Furnaces and ovens could easily be placed on exterior walls offering limited loss paths to the storage system. These are design changes that would be not dissimilar to those that happened as coal furnaces were replaced by electric ones. People adapted both existing homes and new designs.

I think the environmental concerns driving alternative energy are mostly overblown, but I'd like to see power generation at the home in the name of self-sufficiency and to decrease the global conflicts over energy.

Comment Re:What type of solar (Score 1) 504

I don't mean to pick on you so much as your question, but the limited thinking you demonstrate with mentioning AC exemplifies the self-imposed challenges we face by looking at problems with a limited frame of reference. There is almost nothing in your house that needs to run specifically on AC.

LED light bulbs run great off low voltage DC, and the lights the new ones produce is fabulous. Almost all your electronics now run on low voltage DC, which means you're facing enormous losses throughout your house through all the wall- or built-in transformers. We need to be putting low voltage DC buses in all new houses and then rely on basic voltage adjustment circuits for things that need higher or lower voltage to operate.

Your outlier appliances, like ovens and furnaces, could be handled through a heat storage form of solar with well-understood thermodynamic properties.

We *have* to stop planning our future based on faulty assumptions. It's like building an all-electric house in the 1950s and asking the builder why the plans make no allowance for a coal bin!

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 267

I have lived in Kansas for about 27 years, so I guess that makes my opinion at least as valid as the opinion piece from a Kansas City, MISSOURI newspaper whose editorial staff clearly demonstrates their loathing for Kansas and its administration in even their non-opinion pieces. Things aren't that bad, and they seem to be getting better. Your BLS citation, in isolation, is pretty much worthless. I would encourage you to click through to "back data" as well as to compare it to the glorious state of California. 2016 shows an uptick in unemployment for both states around the same time. The unemployment rate in Kansas has been below 5% since mid-2013, a feat which California has not managed to achieve since mid-2006. Economies are cyclical. It's of no inherent value to show that a state economy is down in some metric without comparing it to other states. Ultimately what we're doing is evaluating competing philosophies against each other to see which one merits consideration at election time. I know plenty of people in government and education jobs who loathe Brownback and his associates. Interestingly enough, those politicians are largely being sent back to Topeka and Washington. Those who have been defeated were due to enormous amounts of outside money and influence being poured into Kansas elections.

Comment Re:Give it a break slashdot (Score 1) 555

Understood. Sorry for the berating. I unfortunately gave you the reaction I would have liked to have given a co-worker who recently yelled at those of us who had not disabled their Amber Alerts when they all simultaneously went off during the work day. I have personally witnessed, but fortunately not been subject to, the failures of our domestic litigation system and my misplaced anger truly comes from a place of compassion and hurt for the kids :( I was harsh and unfair to pick on you. I offer my sincere apologies.

Comment Re: Give it a break slashdot (Score 1) 555

Do you know how much red tape is involved in removing custody rights? If you have lost custody of your children, you are a worthless pile of shit and legally no different than a complete stranger abducting a child. No custody means NO RIGHTS TO THE CHILD! When did Slashdot get taken over by aasholes? These are the people who should appreciate a technical solution to a problem, but instead you all just want to say there is no problem? Rot in hell.

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