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Submission + - Sony rootkit - the return? 2

An anonymous reader writes: This christmas, I bought an mp3 player for my sister, a SONY NW-E015. I learnt, but too late, that I had to use the SonicStage software to upload music to it, and that apparently, it ain't that great. But the license of that program was even more troublesome. Beh, I have nothing to hide anyway.
Social Networks

Submission + - Ron Paul's use of the Internet in his presidential

tres3 writes: "A recent New York Times article explores some of the success that Ron Paul's presidential campaign has had in using the Internet. The author correctly states that others aren't as successful because their approach led many to micromanage their Web sites. By contrast, [Ms. Teachout] said, the Paul campaign took the opposite lesson that it was about openness and power. He has over 1140 MeetUp Groups in 900 cities (including one in the green zone in Baghdad) that have operated largely independently from the campaign.

For instance the ThisNovember5th site was setup by Trevor Lyman using a video created by James Sugra without even consulting the campaign. That site brought in $4.3M from 37,000 donors in 24 hours. Mr. Paul estimated that the one-day haul had brought $10 million worth of free publicity. Ron said he hadn't even gotten around to thanking them yet. THANKS Guys!! There is a new money bomb web site being prepared now in celebration of the Boston Tea Party

The article goes on to cover the wide variety of supporters that the Paul campaign has attracted. In reality Dr. Paul didn't create these groups; he simply gave them a focal point to rally behind. And he used the Internet to unite them, or more accurately, the users of the Internet found his message and united themselves behind it. I guess that is why the author titled the article 'The Web Finds Ron Paul, and Takes Him for a Ride'."

Submission + - ABC Censorship

tres3 writes: "ABC News is in a running battle right now to censor Dr. Paul and his supporters from their online activities. Their phones are flooded (Call 212-456-2700 and ask to be connected with "dot com". Talk to the gentleman there about it.) and they are scrambling to remove posts that support Dr. Paul as fast as they can. The site in question is changing constantly as people are trying to get their comments reposted. The story is also all over Digg and the Digg Bury brigade 2 3 is in overdrive trying to stop it but the submission keep coming in ( 1 2 3 4 5 6) This stated with ABC leaving Dr. Paul off of their online poll. We have managed to get them to adjust that but he still isn't in their candidate guide so please call ABC's Dot Com desk and explain to them that this is why they are loosing the hearts and minds of their listeners/readers. This is the Internet generation and people want to be heard!"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Cold Fusionat room temperature possible after all?

StarfishOne writes: DailyTech reports the following interesting bit of news today:

" Cold fusion, the ability to generate nuclear power at room temperatures, has proven to be a highly elusive feat. In fact, it is considered by many experts to be a mere pipe dream — a potentially unlimited source of clean energy that remains tantalizing, but so far unattainable.

However, a recently published academic paper from the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (Spawar) in San Diego throws cold water on skeptics of cold fusion. Appearing in the respected journal Naturwissenschaften, which counts Albert Einstein among its distinguished authors, the article claims that Spawar scientists Stanislaw Szpak and Pamela Mosier-Boss have achieved a low energy nuclear reaction (LERN) that can be replicated and verified by the scientific community."

NewScientist is also running an article on this subject, but that article is only available for subscribers.

Submission + - Use your blog to help Alan Johnson's release

DiamondGeezer writes: Let's use the Slashdot effect for good!

It is now more than seven weeks since Alan Johnson, a BBC correspondent stationed in Gaza City, was abducted. I thought it would be good for Slashdotters who own websites and/or weblogs to put a simple button on their sites to remind everyone that Alan is still in captivity for reasons unknown, and to show support for all journalists in dangerous places who are brave enough to be there reporting for us.

The code for the button is on this page on the BBC website. The link on the button goes back to the BBC weblog chronicling Alan's story.

Submission + - HD-DVD night in pictures and videos

Rudd-O writes: "Just a few minutes ago, I was done writing a fairly lengthy account of the events that took place in (what we now know as) HD-DVD night; all the activity in major sites, statistics, and performance measurements, are now documented in the story — through screen captures and videos. I hope you guys find it interesting, especially from the angle of the effects that a massive traffic storm has on a small Web site."

Submission + - Amazing New Pictures of Spacecraft Above Mars

sighted writes: "The European Space Agency's Rosetta probe, en route to a distant encounter with a comet, buzzed by Barsoom yesterday and took some striking and unusual pictures, including one that shows its own solar panel with Mars in the background. As it passed by the planet, Rosetta briefly took back up to six the number of active robotic missions exploring Mars, four in space and two on the ground."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - IE7 and FF 2.0 share vulnerability

hcmtnbiker writes: Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 share a logic flaw. The issue is actually more severe, as the two versions of the Microsoft and Mozilla browsers are not the only ones affected. The vulnerability impacts Internet Explorer 5.01, Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7, and Firefox "In all modern browsers, form fields (used to upload user-specified files to a remote server) enjoy some added protection meant to prevent scripts from arbitrarily choosing local files to be sent, and automatically submitting the form without user knowledge. For example, ".value" parameter cannot be set or changed, and any changes to .type reset the contents of the field," said Michal Zalewski, the person that discovered the IE7 flaw. There are Proof of concepts for both IE7 and firefox

Iran Launches Payload into Space 698

An anonymous reader writes "BBC is reporting that Iran has launched its first space rocket carrying a payload. Britain's former ambassador to Iran, Sir Richard Dalton, told the BBC that, if confirmed, such a move could destabilise the Middle East: "It is a matter of concern. Iran's potential nuclear military programme, combined with an advanced missile capability, would destabilise the region, and of course if there were a bomb that could be placed on the end of this missile, it would in breach of Iran's obligations under the non-proliferation treaty." From the article: Iranian TV broke the news of the reported test saying :"The first space rocket has been successfully launched into space. It quoted the head of Iran's aerospace research centre, Mohsen Bahrami, as saying that "the rocket was carrying material intended for research created by the ministries of science and defence". In 2005, Iran's Russian-made satellite was put into orbit by a Russian rocket. But shortly afterwards Iranian military officials said they were preparing a satellite launch vehicle of their own and last month, they announced they were ready to test it soon."

Submission + - Free Linux Java Database performance benchmark

tota writes: "This paper (US mirror) compares some of the most popular database systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, DB2, Informix and Sybase SQL Anywhere) on Linux using JDBC. It also compares 4 free Java virtual machines (SUN 1.5, SUN 1.6, IBM 1.5 and BEA 1.5). Each combination is tested against a range of Linux kernel releases from 2.6.16 to 2.6.20.
It should be useful to anyone who needs to know what these databases are good at (and more importantly what they are not so good at). Unlike TPC, this benchmark focuses on simplicity ("non-real" setups), so that individual performance characteristics can be analyzed.
All the code is released under the GPL so that anyone can reproduce the results or generate their own benchmark data and reports."

Submission + - CEO resigns over 'Lite Brite'

DesertBlade writes: The CEO of Cartoon Network has resigned over the bomb scare. Turner ended up paying over 2 million in restitution and the city of Boston coming to a stand still over some lite brites. I for one do not want to live in a glass box being scared of everything, and with governments over reacting just fuels the fear. Are we becoming scared of our own shadow?

Submission + - Regaining Privacy

An anonymous reader writes: After contempalating several of the articles here, I have come to the conclusion that some of the more absurd copyright attempts, may provide the kernel of the solution to some of the problems that we are having with privacy. Specifically attach a EULA to your property.


Claiming continued possession of the copyright to a statue that was paid for with public funds and displayed in a public commons is absurd. (Though the politicians who commission such public works should be charged with the task of securing the artist's transmition of his work to the public domain.) Likewise, trying to enforce a recent copyright on a dance that has been around for many years, and was incorporated into a number of films long ago is closing the barn door after the horse is out.

But creating an original work of art, either a statue that you place in your yard, or a painting on the outside walls of your house, and, keeping these works on your private property, and posting copyright notices where they can be plainly seen, should constitute a reasonable and legally enforcible copyright. Which means, that by deploying enough works about your property, it should be possible to make it effectively impossible to legally photograph it.

Imagine a house surrounded with one to two dozen such statues, and the following license posted at reasonable intervales about the property's perimeter.

This property, its buildings, artwork, landscaping, and signs are copyright _date_ by _property_owner_. Further, the motions, or lack there of (in the case of lying, sitting, or standing around) by the owner, the owner's family, and the owner's guests while on this property, constitute a dance copyrighted by the above named owner. By photographing, drawing, filming or otherwise capturing image(s) still or moving, of any or all of the above listed copyrighted works, or by receiving modified, or unmodified originals or copies or other derivatives of these images created under this license, you agree to the following terms:

A) This license applies to all PROTECTED WORKS derived from the above listed copyrighted works. These PROTECTED WORKS include all original, still image(s) of any or all of the above listed copyrighted works, created using any technique, media, or technology. These PROTECTED WORKS also include a seconds worth of a moving image, created using any technique, media, or technology. When more or less than a second of moving image is captured as part of a shot, then the total amount of time of the shot shall be rounded up to the nearest second, and each such second shall count as one PROTECTED WORK. These PROTECTED WORKS also include any modified, or unmodified copies or other derivatives of one or more of the PROTECTED WORKS. In the case where a modified, or unmodified copy or derived work is a moving image, then the total amount of time of the shot shall be rounded up to the nearest second, and each such second shall count as one PROTECTED WORK.

B) You agree to pay the owner the sum of 1,000,000 USD for each of the events listed below, when payment is made in advance of the event. Should you inadvertently, or intentionally fail to pay for an event in advance of it's occurrence, then you agree to pay the owner the sum of 10,000,000 USD for each of the events listed below that is payed for after the event and without prompting by the owner. Should your delay in making a payment extend to the point that the owner is obliged to advise you of the need to make a payment, then you agree to pay the owner the sum of 100,000,000 USD for each of the events listed below that is payed for after the event and that the owner is forced to request payment for. Should you refuse to make a payment, even after having been advised of the need to make a payment, then you agree to pay the owner the sum of 1,000,000,000 USD plus the owner's costs for litigation, for each of the events listed below, when the event's payment is made only in responce to litigation.

C) The events, each of which requires an individual payment as listed above, are:
  • Any initial capture of a PROTECTED WORK.
  • Creating a PROTECTED WORK by making an identical copy, a modified copy, or a derived work either using the original technique(s), media(s), or technology(ies), or using one or more different technique(s), media(s), or technology(ies).
  • Any transfer of a PROTECTED WORK over an electronic network, either wired or unwired.
  • Any transfer of a PROTECTED WORK to another individual, company, or organization either for compensation or gratis.

D) When, one or more PROTECTED WORK(S) is/are transfered to another individual, company, or organization you agree to present a copy of this license to that individual, or a responsible representative of the company, or organization prior to the transfer of the PROTECTED WORK(S) so that they may accept the terms of this license before receiving the PROTECTED WORK(S).

E) Should you fail to present the license before transferring the protected work then you agree:
  • to work to inform the recipient of the PROTECTED WORK(S) of their obligations under this license as soon as possible; and likewise (if the recipient transfered PROTECTED WORK(S) to others) to inform any subsequent recipients of the PROTECTED WORK(S) of this license and their obligations under it as soon as possible.
  • to pay for any events effected by the recipient and any subsequent recipients of the PROTECTED WORK(S) prior to your notification to them of this license and their obligations under it.

F) Those who receive notification or otherwise become aware of the applicability of this license, after receiving one or more PROTECTED WORK(S), may comply with this license by operating under its terms from the time of notification onward, or they may immediately destroy all of the PROTECTED WORKS(S) in their possession. Delay in the destruction of the PROTECTED WORKS, or performance of one of the above defined events after notification of the existence and applicability of this license constitutes, acceptance of the terms of this license.

G) You agree to keep scrupulous, and auditable accounting of the time and nature of each of the above defined events which occur to any and all of the PROTECTED WORK(S). You agree to present to the owner, upon his request, this accounting in its entirety so that it may be reviewed. In the event that there is any uncertainty as to how many events have occurred, then you agree to accept and pay for the copyright owner's best estimate as to the correct number of events.

H) You agree upon the owner's request to transmit a copy of all PROTECTED WORK(S) currently in your possession. No payments will be required to support the events needed to fullfill these requests.

I) You agree upon the owner's request to transmit to the owner a list of all of the individuals, companies, and organizations to which you have transmitted PROTECTED WORK(S).

J) Terms differing from the above may be granted upon request, contact _phone_number_and/or_address_ for more information.

NB: If the posted notices are implemented as black letters over an original work of art done in pastels, then even photographing the notices will constitute an event that will trigger the license.

Obviously, this is not a contract designed to encourage acceptance by the sentient^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hsapient, but that is the point. For a variety of reasons, unless you are in public office, they should have no right to photograph you or your property without first securing your permition (hence the last paragraph of the license) or a warrent.

The main problem with this, is that I can forsee the companies wiggling to make sure it affects the employees more than the company or its directors. So the company will deny wanting or using the photo, while leaving you to bankrupt the employee. Considering that the latter are lying about their authority to take the pictures, the second half of this does not bother me as much as it might, but the problem will not be even minimally solved until the company directs its employees to avoid protected houses.

IANAL, so I must ask some questions of those who are:

Would writing to the CEO and the Board of Directors with a license similar to the above but stating that if they send an employee to photograph your house, (or maintain a photograph already obtained) that they agree to be responsible for the proper execution of the license both personally and corporately be effective?

And regarding Google, would painting © _year_ _uri_ on my roof, where _uri_ is a web address containing the above license and an explanation that said license applies to the house and the property on which it is situated serve to keep me off of their maps? Or would it be better to write to their incorruptible founders?

Perhaps some lawyer can clean up the above license and post it and instructions to its proper use on a website and then post the site here.

Let me apologize for the length of this post. By way of explanation, let me point out that it is difficult for us ACs to post things to our own websites. Besides, if I had, someone would complain that I was just trying to get more hits.

Submission + - Cancer Killer

Anonymous Coward writes: "A news story on a potential cheap, and simple, cancer killer just isn't reaching the audience one would expect for such news. An inexpensive drug that is already in use may end up killing most cancer cells. Why this isn't getting the press it deserves: the actual drug cannot be patented and because of that, pharmaceutical companies are not getting involved. Lack of profit means people must suffer.

Another example of corporate greed.

Link to original article: safe-drug-kills-most-cancers.html"
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Free software may be helping war?

tonymercmobily writes: "There is a strong ethical motive behind free software. Programmers and users seem to love the collaborating spirit. But there is also a dark side: what if free software is used to help wars? The article talks about the use of free software and war, giving a list of (worrying) examples. Should the GPL 3.0 disallow the use of GPL software in war and weapons"

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