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Comment Bad drivers are still bad drivers? (Score 2, Insightful) 406

Could it be that bad driving causes crashes? So, eliminating cell phone usage results in people still being bad drivers? Or how about a correlation between people more likely to obey laws and those that are good drivers? Enacting a prohibition might make the better drivers less distracted, but leave the bad drivers still bad drivers and still talking on their cell phones.

Comment Re:No such thing as bad words. (Score 1) 355

I couldn't agree more. Along the same lines, it's words that are conveying an idea.... and it's that idea that is appropriate or not. Whether a person says penis, dick, scholong -- or grabs his crotch -- the idea is conveyed. That's why I think bleeping out profanity in TV shows is so lame. The concept of swearing has been conveyed. The fact that you didn't hear it is irrelevant.

Comment Re:Going Nowhere Sort of Fast (Score 1) 164

... the computer is good for a limited number of uses. These include calculations, entertainment, information retrieval, image manipulation, and word processing.

I've got to ask, did you go to the Michael Scott school of business?

Michael: There are four kinds of business: tourism, food service, railroads, and sales; and hospitals/manufacturing; and air travel.

Comment Re:Why are people getting so worked up (Score 2, Interesting) 1011

Mount Kilimanjaro today, 20, 30 and 50 years ago. Where have the glaciers gone

The linked WP article you provided has a couple of theories, including the "shrinking of Kilimanjaro's ice cap is not directly due to rising temperature but rather to decreased precipitation." So, it's possible global cooling/warming/climate change is not related.

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