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Submission + - A look at quantum computer manufacturer D-Wave and its founder (nature.com)

tpjunkie writes: Many slashdot readers will remember D-wave's announcement in 2007 of its quantum computer, an announcement met with skepticism and a good amount of scorn. However, today the company has sold quantum computers to such companies as Lockheed Martin and Google, and their computers have gone from a handful of qubits to 512 in their most recent offerings. Nature has a story including an interview with the company's founder Geordi Rose, and a look at where the company is headed and some of the difficulties it has overcome.

Submission + - Kepler finds 2 exoplanets in one star's habitable zone (universetoday.com)

tpjunkie writes: Nasa's Kepler mission announced the discovery of two rocky exoplanets in the same system both orbiting in the habitable zone of their star, Kepler-62, located 1200 light years away. Both planets are slightly larger than Earth, and estimates of their mass indicates they may be oceanic in nature.

Submission + - Tesla Unveils the Model X (torquenews.com)

tpjunkie writes: Elon Musk has unveiled the Tesla Model X, a cross between an SUV and a Minivan, with better styling than either and available options that give it better acceleration than a Porche 911.

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