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Comment Re:This is better how? (Score 1) 146

Assumptions not necessarily true:

- that both groups are completely intersecting
- existing treatment is as easy (or cheap/fast/etc.) as treatment with MDMA
- that MDMA treatment is fully explored and mature so it's effectiveness is maximized
- improving PTSD symptoms == erased all traces

Now, I'm not one to believe any drug magically erases PTSD that easily. Nothing to date has proven to simply erase a mental illness (well, short of death.) Long term side effects I'm sure are being monitored, though you can also look at people who have used less pure forms recreationally for years to get some bounds. What long term 'costs' are you referring to though that are worse than living with untreatable PTSD?

Comment Apparently my phone isn't possessed...! (Score 1) 29

I figured it was just another apple "battery issue" that would be unprovable in any genius bar and ignored it...and just kept my phone charger nearby all the time.

For me - random shutdown anywhere below 35-40% battery with it frequently happening around 20%. Looks like my serial % is one of the affected ones too.

Comment Re: Great for China! (Score 2) 600

Uhm, remember the fake recovery we're still having?

Jobless claims are down but a significant portion of that is attributed to people who stopped looking for jobs or took lower paying/part-time jobs instead.

Mean/median household income is still below pre-recession levels and basically flat with growth diverging further and further from GDP.

This massive recovery is centered around the DJIA, not the actual income and spending power of people.

This economic 'growth' we're experiencing is an anemic 1.1% vs other countries in the 4% or more range

Inflation is nil (1.6%) largely because the overnight interest rate is basically nil (.43%). Inflation on a small scale is not actually bad. It's a sign of economic growth...oh, which is also nil.

So tell me all about the magic recovery that Obama has championed.

Comment Re:oh no (Score 1) 297

The vet sells it because:

1) he runs a business
2) people will buy it
3) the profit is (probably) ridiculous
4) it doesn't generally directly hurt anyone and he can recommend "real" treatment for serious medical issues

Or 5) he's an idiot and believes that nonsense despite years of medical training and experience

Comment Re:Thanks for catching up!! (Score 1) 297

For once, requesting a citation isn't trolling. Curious to read that objectively.

I agree in general that hope and mindset have some impact but generally feel it's the result of ther actions taken around it. Kind of like "here try this expensive new weight loss drug, it works really well with proper diet and exercise" ... so the person doesn't want to 'waste' their money and changes their lifestyle to go along with committing to the expense.

In that light, homeopathy actually DOES have an effect - except it's a motivational one, not physiological, which is often a much more difficult thing to effect.

Comment Re:Thanks for catching up!! (Score 1) 297

Many years.

I remember something like 15 years ago a girlfriend recommending some homeopathic cure for whatever I was sick with and swearing it *always* worked for her despite being pricey. Dug around a bit and realized what she was suggesting was most likely a useless waste of money...of course she didn't believe me and we had a lovely argument.

I think she wound up getting it for me anyhow and insisting I took it...and when I inevitably got better anyhow (since it wasn't a serious illness) she claimed victory.

But hey, at least she was pretty!

Comment Re:Moronic (Score 1) 1081

Same on the other coast in NY. Many people didn't bother to vote because they've realized their vote is technically counted but utterly meaningless.

People want to fuss over how Hillary would have won based on a popular vote discount the many people who didn't vote in the biggest EC states because they basically never swing and it's all-or-nothing.

Comment Re: Sad to see the Zuck... (Score 1) 499

Explain to me how this prevents duplicated ballots from being dropped in? Or people stealing them and voting and dropping them in? Or how you address the lost ballots and replace them (since an individual CAN'T be prevented from voting) etc.

This sounds like high school prom kink/queen voting and is ridiculously easy to scam

Comment Re:What good do M&As do? (Score 1) 117

Do they increase RnD? Create more jobs? Develop new product lines? What do they do besides create a flurry of activity for managers, accountants, and brokers?

Yes, no, no, profit

Mergers are great for making more profit and streamlining an industry. Why conduct two separate RnD lines for very similar tech when you could run both on the same equipment with only a minor increase in staffing? In theory, a larger company has more ability to invest and research things that would bankrupt a smaller one. There ARE benefits to mergers. Unfortunately the primary benefit companies are looking for is increased profits/reduced expense and thus greater stock price.

Comment Re:Trump will be for it.... (Score 1) 117

Everyone has their price, but I'm pretty sure that's a comically low offer.

If you want to look at pay-to-play scheming though, I'm pretty sure the other side of the fence has plenty of experience.

And beyond that, Trump doesn't need $1m. He owns more than enough and a growing economy in general will continue growth of his personal fortune. Real estate is one of the safest long-term bets ever ... and it grows with the general economy. So even if one wants to believe he's personally motivated, the greater good is also closely tied to his own good.

Comment Re:Not unexpected and barely even newsworthy (Score 1) 174

You make two related but contradictory points.

If most people will charge at home, why does the Model 3 make free supercharging immediately so unsustainable?

Most people WILL charge at home (or work, or other commonly visited area) the large majority of the time. Superchargers are just for long trips unless one happens to be convenient and you have some time to kill.

I'm guessing there's another tipping point down the road where they superchargers will become free* one again. *possibly subsidized as part of a shopping center or maintenance contract or something else. Basically a 'if you're part of x or doing y, we give you this for free.' Think of it as validating parking at the mall when you buy something. It's just not ubiquitous enough...yet.

Comment Re:Better cost a LOT less (Score 1) 174

Use 25mpg (2015 average for new cars) and $2.21/gallon (today's national average) for gas gives you 9c/mile for fueling a gas car.

Tesla Model S goes ~35kWh/100mile or 350Wh/mile and use 12c/kWh (national average) gives you get 4c/mile for an EV.

So you're looking at about half the fueling costs using some rough numbers. Plenty of variables of course ... but i'm intentionally ignoring the outliers and focusing on the average.

Plus there's a number of garages and parking options that offer free recharging.

Comment Re:Missing golden opportunity... (Score 1) 174

So you're the exception (12+ hour non-stop trips) to the exception (with a vehicle that can drive 12 hours without a refuel) to the exception (takes frequent long trips that this is a major concer) to the exception (can own/afford a tesla).

Also, a 75 min recharge is not 3 hours (15-12).

Oh, and who says it has to be a highway intersection? You don't need smelly gas pumps and awkward structures for all the fire suppression and storing 10,000 gallons of highly flammable liquid. You can put them in a park just as well as a parking lot.

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