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Comment Pardon my ignorance... (Score 3) 79

... but I can't seem to find the answer to my question in the article.

What exactly are they going to be using the graphene for?
Is it going to be used for the actual conductive material on circuit boards?
Is it going to be used to improve cellphone antennas?
Is it going to be used to greatly increase the structural integrity of the phone casing and/or screen?
Is it going to be used for some new smell-o-vision capabilities in future phones?!
Heat-sink? Transistors? ... Your own personal space elevator?!?

Comment Re:orkut - number 4th? (Score 1) 150

orkut is on the list.
The list is linked from the article.
While orkut may be very popular in a few select countries, it never really caught on worldwide. Personally, I stopped using it because of the massive amount of people that didn't respect the rules and would blast our "English only" community boards with Portuguese. (Back then, it was commonly referred to as the "Crazy Brazilian Invasion".) Us "uneducated folk" could never carry on decent conversations when every single conversation would branch off into 2 or more languages. So we left and waited for Facebook to set up community pages.

Comment ASoIaF (Score 1) 218

Interesting. Now I'd like to see someone come up with statistics like these for Westeros.
I want to know things like:
  - what the population of Westeros needed to be in order to supply enough man-power to populate and guard all of the castles along the Wall?
  - and what kind of crime-rate would that imply?
  - and why are there only "nine free cities" in Essos? shouldn't there be potentially hundreds of large cities scattered across the continent if this civilization has been around for somethign like 10,000+ years?

I've been thinking about this stuff lately and it kinda seems to me that humanity is on the verge of extinction.
Yep. I honestly don't think ANYONE in the WORLD will survive these books when he finally finishes writing them!

Comment To each, his own (Score 1) 262

I'm at the other end of the spectrum from you.
I wouldn't pay for a 16GB one. I'm using my 8GB Nexus7 as primarily an eBook reader plus have a bunch of MP3s loaded onto it for background music while I'm reading. (well, and also for the general sweetness of other Google/Android apps.)

The way I see it, I'm only really going to be using the network capabilities of my Nexus7 in places where I have Wifi (home, office, possibly friend's places) so I don't see a real need for a large storage capacity. It's not like I'm going to be using it while driving to/from work or going out bar-hopping in the evenings. And I don't think I would ever really want to load more than 1 movie onto it at a time [ie. for a plane trip or something].

For me, 8GB should be more than enough.
For others, 16GB might still not quite satisfy.

Personally, paying 25% more for the product isn't worth extra storage space that I would never use. I think Google did a good job at offering these 2 options to try and satisfy us both. Although I DO agree that an SD slot would have actually been the ideal solution.

Comment why am i always surprised no one here rtfa? (Score 1) 513

Hey, if you're going to misquote things, why stop there? Why not just use the quote:

has also granted the Department the authority to seize private facilities

It's all meant to be used only "during a crisis or emergency". "to obtain, to the maximum extent practicable, the survivability of NS/EP [national security and emergency preparedness] communications under all circumstances".

I honestly don't see why this Executive Order was even necessary, considering the law can already commandeer vehicles in cases of reasonable necessity. If there is a crisis, it is your civic duty to assist if the authorities request it. How would communications equipment be any different?

In 2011, Congress considered similar provisions in cybersecurity legislation, which would have allowed the government to disconnect communications traffic in times of national security. Following public protest, congress abandoned the proposal.

Basically, it sounds like the Prez got sick of yet another issue that seemed to get stuck in congress, so he went ahead and passed it anyways.

Comment not that i really know anything about marketing... (Score 1) 687

And one model adds that 'The industry is now moving towards making models show more skin.'

Is it weird that I'm actually impressed that, not only did one of these models come to this stunning realization, but that she could also pronounce a 3-syllable word.

Girls, it's really a basic marketing strategy. For young kids, put bright colors into your product to attract their attention. For adults, sex sells. You use your gimic to draw them in to get a better look at your product.
At least, that's how I sees it.

Comment No. Today is still Feb. 22. (Score 5, Funny) 238

You obviously haven't read the fine-print in their new agreement. One of the updates is that GoogleCalendar is changing. Months always start on Thursdays from now on. And there will be 14 months per year. Google's moon-base is still working on speeding up the moon's revolution, but it should be ready [out of Beta] by the end of 2012.

Comment I'm not worried about MY search results... (Score 2) 279

... I'm actually worried about OTHER people's search results. People who don't know any better than to go look for information outside of their social circles.

If I search for "origin of species", I'll see references to Charles Darwin.
If students in Kansas look it up, they'll probably see all kinds of links to creationism and how evolution is wrong/evil.

(and no, i don't mean to start a flamewar with that. it's just the first example that popped into my head where different social circles could see completely different results.)

This personalization of search results is gonna make http://lmgtfy.com/ obsolete too. And that makes me a saaaaad panda.

Comment as usual, the summary here is lacking (Score 4, Insightful) 67

its relational database, SQL Server, and its platform cloud, Windows Azure, an online service for hosting and readily scaling applications

That's wonderful that the summary mentions what "SQL Server" and "Azure" are... but why no mention of wtf "Hadoop" is?
Why do I need to RTFA just to find out what we're talking about here?

Hadoop — an open source platform for crunching epic amounts of a data across an army of dirt-cheap servers

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