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Comment Re:Incorrect? (Score 1) 297

Even my very dated copy of "The Joy of Cooking" makes fun of the U.S. Supreme Court trying to classify tomatoes as vegetables. BTW - they only classified them as vegetables for the purpose of taxation - they made it clear that they were still fruits for all other purposes. So, since we're talking about cooking and eating, and not taxes, your Supreme Court reference is yet another fail.

Read all the other comments by other posters under the original post that started it all - there are plenty of people who know that tomatoes are fruits, that good ones are in fact as sweet as other fruits, and that they can and are often treated as a fruit when preparing food.

The salad I'm currently eating consists mostly of fruits - grapes, tomatoes, green peppers, olives, hot red pepper rings (I skipped the cucumbers today) ... the non-fruit parts are romaine lettuce and spanish onion, and bacon bits. Take the lettuce, onion, and bacon bits out and it is indeed a fruit salad.

Either way, it's an entire meal in itself, but the majority of the taste and nutritional value is provided by the fruits. Next time, maybe I'll include apple slices and orange chunks.

Your real mistake is being bound by "tradition" rather than by taste and nutritional value. Your loss.

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