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Journal tomhudson's Journal: Yep - stupdi me - lost my cell phone ... 2

... what a way to end the weekend ... oh well, no big deal. Went to the 24-hour store and had them suspend the phone immediately, then came back home and dug out my old v60 - man, it might be older tech, compared to the v300 with the color display, the polyphonic ringtones, the camera, but you know something? It just felt good to hold it - half the weight, slightly smaller, simpler. So tomorrow I'll activate it unless they have a decent deal on another phone with even more doodads that I won't use.

I was going to have to do something with the v300 anyway - for the last two weeks, its been turning itself off half the time when I close it.

I'm just hapy I only used the phone as a phone, and didn't depend on the calenar, notes, etc.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Yep - stupdi me - lost my cell phone ...

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  • but I do depend on my phone for the contacts, notes, and calendar. I will be quite screwed should I loose it....... although I have an identical phone I could just activate and then sync at work so that all the data is restored (data cables rock!).

  • *Lost your phone.. Then simply dial this number and we will cut off service for you*
    It said something like that in my contract , and i was awfully confused as it sounded rather silly.
    I have a v300 or something maybe a v250 anyway is a flippy motorolo with a camara ...
    Ive broken 4 mobile phones over the last 7 years , and i think lost 2 ..
    I was going to get a rugidized one with a chain but couldnt find any for a good price ;:D

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