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Comment Re:WUXGA (Score 2) 266

That 1920x1200 monitor you got is a nice 16:10 model ;)

The reason the aspect matters is that average vertical resolutions have been cut because panels are all built around HDTV resolutions these days. I also have a 1920x1200 (24") monitor and it was quite find to hard one at this size, almost all the available ones only had 1080 lines.

Comment Re:The Next Frontier? (Score 0) 319

The next frontier for Linux OSs is to stop bloody breaking things by continually insisting on rewriting stuff as soon as it finally becomes stable. The levels of NIH are incredibly frustrating for me as a user.

User: "Hey this subsystm seems to have finally settled down and become consistently usable rather than falling over every time it hits a corner case! Hurrah!"

Linux userland developer "That subsystem is so retro. It uses text based config files, has a man page and is widely understood! TO THE REWRITEMOBILE!"

I've used Linux distros for my desktop for more than 10 years and love it in a lot of ways, but certain parts of the developer community really need to learn to stop breaking things. Unfortunately, despite bringing a lot of nice usability to Linux (NOT Unity), Ubuntu is a prime offender in also breaking things.

Comment Re:Staying with gnome2 (Score 2, Interesting) 432

I'm using it as my DE and have been for a few months. While there are some nice features there are a lot of serious problems and the complete lack of customisation outside of extensions (which break on each point release and need to be updated manually, if theres a version compatible with the new release) makes it very frustrating. Having the activities button on the top left is terrible for me because i dwell the cursor on the right (window controls, scrollbars are on the right). The new task-tray equivalent is frustrating because it takes longer to get at things like music player controls, and the way the items expand makes them hard to click. Needing to know you have to hold alt to access the shutdown function (instead of sleep which I've still only had work on one computer in Linux) is terrible from the pov of discoverability. The use of a fixed hot corner is terrible for multi-monitor, and I still dont understand how the workspaces work on a second monitor, its pretty bizarre. Also while not necessarily a bad design, I personally hate the launcher and would prefer a menu. Also the lack of applets is annoying, having disk and cpu usage is very useful for me.

Much of this would be solvable if some configurability were built into the shell but the overwhelming "we know best" philosophy now prevalent in gnome makes this impossible.

While I do like a fair bit of the UI in gnome I'm sick of fighting it and as soone as Mate is a bit more mature I'll be moving to it and having a (configurable) hot corner for 'expose' in compiz... I do hope Mate moves to GTK3 though, as I like the toolkit.

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