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Comment Teach how to restore from backup (Score 1) 242

I think kids need to feel comfortable experimenting with computers, that means being ok with messing it up.

So if schools were to teach how to set up and roll their computer system back to a restore point (I don't care which OS), that would be a good start.

Then again, I use a Chromebook, I do system restores periodically just for fun.

Comment Re:Sounds Right (Score 1) 104

Sounds right. I recently applied for a programming job at a bank. After the interview and showing me the place, they offered me the job. I politely declined. Then I quickly closed my accounts and moved to a more modern bank. Why? That bank literally uses MSAccess tables to store ALL of the customer data. And VB5 "processes" to interact with the feds. Un-believable.

I call BS. As someone who does work in IT in the financial services industry, no programmer is interviewed, given a tour and then offered a job.

Regulations require a background check which takes several days so no offer is made until that clears.

And they certainly aren't going to show a non-employee the database in which they store customer data, that's restricted data.

Comment How many of the 5 million users are spambots? (Score 5, Interesting) 124

I'm always perplexed why the quality of the number of users is never challenged.

How do you know a ton weren't generated as apart of some marketing strategy?

Or rather, how can you NOT suspect that a significant portion of them aren't fake?

Has the issue of verifying online registration as belonging to an actual, unique person been solved with absolute certainty while I wasn't paying attention?

- tgg

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