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Submission + - Mac Book Pros Might Suffer NVIDIA Failures (

An anonymous reader writes: The Inquirer has taken an electron microscope to a 15" Macbook Pro bought off-the-shelf from a California retailer to test whether the bump material that joins the chips to the circuit board is similar to that which is alleged to be the cause of many failing NVIDIA parts this summer for which they have already taken a $200M charge.

NVIDIA is currently stating that the bumps are not bad, while The Inquirer points out that there is evidence disputing some of NVIDIA's past statements on the topic. In September a lawsuit seeking class-action status was filed against NVIDIA claiming that its executives concealed the original problems for at least 8 months.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - In-home wireless vs. mobile broadband

mklickman writes: "I've been hearing more and more about mobile wireless broadband offered by the big wireless phone providers, and for the first time came to ask myself a very interesting question. Since my wife and I both have laptops, and we're out a lot (she's a photographer and I'm a graphic design student) would it be wise and/or worth it to do away with the standard cable-internet-plus-modem-plus-router setup and switch over to mobile-broadband-PC-card-only mode, a la AT&T or Sprint? I've looked into pricing and stuff a bit, and I'm not really concerned about the cost of the PC cards themselves; they're not much more expensive than a decent router. Also, the cost of the wireless service per month is only (roughly) ten dollars more than my current ISP is charging me. Is it a good idea?"

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