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Submission + - Car insurer measuring driver safety with smartphone app to calculate premiums (

Qedward writes: Motorists are being invited to help develop a new driving app that could earn them a discount of "up to 20%" on their motor insurance.

British insurer Aviva is using smartphone technology to create individual driver profiles that will be used to calculate tailored pay-how-you-drive premiums.

The driver behavioural app, Aviva RateMyDrive, will monitor motorists taking part in the test for 200 miles, including acceleration, braking and cornering. This data is then turned into an individual score which helps determine the motorist’s premium, with "safer" drivers earning up to 20% off their deal.


Submission + - India fails, Russia leads at Google Code Jam (

Migala77 writes: Now that the third round for Google Code Jam is finished and only 25 contestants are left, we can look at which nationalities performed well and which didn't. Code Jam contestant foxlit has the stats, and some interesting things can be seen. Although there were over 3000 contestants from India in the qualification round (17% of the total) , only 3 of those managed to reach the third round (0.7% of the round 3 contestants) . This in contrast to Russia with 77 out of 747, and Belarus with 13 out of 114 reaching the third round. The US performed somewhat below average too, with only 25 out of 2166 contestants making it to the third round.
Are Indian and, to a lesser extent, US programmers just not good enough, or is there another explanation?


Submission + - Is Giving Android Away Anti-Competitive? (

bonch writes: Google's accusation of patent abuse toward its competitors has generated many responses, some of which has asked whether Android's free price is anti-competitive. Drawing comparisons to Microsoft's antitrust trial, in which they were accused of giving away Internet Explorer to drive competitors out of the browser market, Thurrott argues that Google's rivals are 'leveling the playing field' through patent fees by removing an artificial price advantage funded by monopoly search revenues. 'One could argue that Google is using its dominance in search advertising to unfairly gain entry into another market by giving that new product, Android, away for free. Does this remind you of any famous antitrust case?'

Submission + - Lenovo or Dell 3

pabn1987 writes: "Greetings again!

Just want to ask you guys out which would you prefer?

I'm planning to buy my first laptop and I have narrowed down my option to these two brands.

Lenovo "G" series and Dell Vostro

Which one would you get?

BTW.. I'll use it for work. Programming to be exact. The applications that I would be using are Visual Studio (any version), MS SQL (Any version), and other development tools. Which do you think should I get?

Thanks in advance.....

*respect the post.."

Submission + - Transformers Special Edition Chevy Camaro Unveiled

roelbj writes: "Automotive stories are few and far between on Slashdot, but today's news from Chevrolet might just make a few readers' mouths water at the chance to own their own Bumblebee. "Today at Comic-Con, General Motors officially announced the 2010 Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition. The $995 appearance package can be applied to LT (V6) and SS-trim Camaros in Rally Yellow with or without the optional RS package." High-res photos included."

Submission + - IBM: All Servers To Be Water-Cooled In Ten Years? (

judgecorp writes: "IBM has said that water-cooled servers could become the norm in ten years. The company has lately been promoting wider user of the forty-year-old mainframe technology (eg April 2008), which allows faster clock speeds and higher processing power. But IBM now says water cooling is greener and more efficient, because it delivers waste heat in a form that's easier to re-use. However, most new data centre designs tend to take the opposite approach, running warmer, and using free-air cooling to expend less energy in the first place. For instance, Dutch engineer Imtech sees no need for water cooling in its new multi-storey approach which reduces piping and saves waste."

Submission + - Streetview seen as culturally insensitive in Japan ( 1

Jim O'Connell writes: "Global Voices has a translation of an excellent open letter to Google by Osamu Higuchi, explaining that Street view is too invasive for Japanese traditional values when used in residential areas. Having lived here for ten years, most recently in an older residential area, I can attest to its accuracy — Living in such close proximity to your neighbors, it becomes necessary to "not look" at everything that you might be able see from a place such as the street, where you may have a legal right to be. The cultural boundaries are simply different than those of the US."

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