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Submission + - Evad3rs announce iOS 7 jailbreak for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air (

hypnosec writes: Evad3rs, the famous iOS jailbreak team, has announced iOS 7 jailbreak that will work in all iDevices including iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad Air running iOS 7.0 through to iOS 7.0.4. The iOS 7 jailbreak was announced without much of a hype unlike iOS 6. “Merry Christmas! The iOS 7 jailbreak has been released at ! All donations will go to @publicknowledge, @eff and @ffii” tweeted evad3rs.

Submission + - Motorola's most important 18 patents (

quarterbuck writes: Bloomberg has a story on Google's acquisition of Motorola and quotes IP lawyers who claim that 18 patents dating to 1994 are probably what Google is after. These patents cover technology essential to the mobile-device industry, including location services, antenna designs, e-mail transmission, touch- screen motions, software-application management and third- generation wireless.

Submission + - SPAM: Discover To Make An iPhone App - iPhone Dev Inside

thadpittman923 writes: There are also lots of equipment offered as an i-Phone software like GPS or restaurant finders. On an i-Cellphone, these are apps. It doesn't take a good deal to find how you can make income with Apple applications. Applications don't have to be complicated to make the owner a good revenue. A useful joker intended an i-Cell phone application that designed a sound like flatulence. It tickled the amusing bones of other useful jokers with i-Phones and sold millions of copies. Even though lots of programs are much more complicated to plan, quite a few popular plans are just like this example. Straightforward to build and uncomplicated to money in on.

Creating an Apple software is a really very low chance venture. If you commence with something easy, or use a program to produce some thing additional problematic, the financial output and time essential is compact. It's uncomplicated to discover how you can make cash with Apple applications Put a thing helpful with each other, market place it appropriately and see what happens. This can all be done even though still working a standard career. That's exactly how numerous people today have gotten their get started in this marketplace. As you have a lot more know-how and much more time to expend, you might come across that your week day job just isn't value the commute or the headache any longer. Just before you know it, you're living the American dream, functioning from house for a residual cash flow.

In today's economic climate, it looks that all people is hunting for a way to make more cash. Folks are worrying about just finding by, allow by yourself obtaining ahead. On the other hand, we've all heard that an financial downturn is the best possibility to build success in business enterprise. All you want to make that take place is the proper chance and the proper tools to implement it.

Understanding how to make an iPhone app.

Apple iPhone Apps craze is growing swiftly. 1000's of Programs are present on the Apple Applications shop for sale but there is a ton of place for new programs. Apple iPhones are presently ruling the sector, with loads of awesome applications coming out every single day, and they're not even that tricky to make!

Apple by itself gives a wealth of info for developers about its SDK, Apple usually requires you to have a entire support process in place. There's a whole lot of required components that go into earning the app. Apple's Net app directory is the premiere listing of the newest apps. You won't discover a lot targeted traffic on other directories, so you need to submit to the Apple directory.

Apple has some rigid laws to which all developers ought to adhere, and would make designers jump through many hoops to get anyplace in the vicinity of the approval-pending stage. We suggest two providers that can aid, and outline what's concerned in carrying out it oneself by means of the Apple Developer Network. AppLoop says this mobile app generator instrument is only the very first version of the application. Upcoming versions will offer new options like support for 3rd-party plugins, commenting, rating, a number of categories and feeds, and other widgets. Employ Apple iPad Applications Developer — Get Numerous Advantages For Your iPad Applications Progress, How to Develop an iPhone App — Get in on This Large Marketplace Now, Android Current market Vs . Apple App Keep

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The Internet

UK Research Aims For 100x Speedup In Fiber-Based Broadband 180

Mark.JUK writes "The UK governments Minister for Science, David Willetts, has awarded £7.2 million to help support the University of Southampton's newly rebuilt Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) and the development ('Photonics HyperHighway') of new technologies that would be capable of making broadband internet access over fibre optic cables 100 times faster than today." What would you like to do with 100 times your own current network speed?

Submission + - Malaysia Slows Divorce Rate With Free Honeymoons

samzenpus writes: Officials in Malaysia are trying to slow down the divorce rate by offering feuding couples a three-day honeymoon package to help bring that spark back into their marriages. After all, what could more romantic than three days of talking about your faults over a lovely fruit plate, and three drunken nights at the hotel bar watching the love of your life flirt with some random guy on a business trip? Terengganu Welfare Community Development and Women Affairs committee chairman, Ashaari Idris says, 'We can understand newlyweds having problems understanding one another, where a slight skirmish could lead to a separation but it is unacceptable for those married more than two decades to file for divorce.'

Submission + - Best Locksmith Correspondence Course? (

RyuMaou writes: "Ever since reading about the original MIT hackers, I've wanted to become a certified locksmith. I've scrapped some money together and I'm looking for a correspondence course, but now the question is, which one? Any idea which course is best or most reputable or most worth the money? And, yes, I know I don't *need* the certification to pick locks, but I'd rather have it in case anyone questions me having locksmith tools (ie. picks, etc.). So, suggestions?"
The Military

Submission + - US Nuclear sub crashes into US Navy vessel (

Kugrian writes: "Showing that it's not just the British and the French who have trouble seeing each other on the high seas, a US Nuclear submarine yesterday crashed into a US Navy heavy cruiser. The USS Hartford, a nuclear-powered attack submarine, was submurged as it crashed into the USS New Orleans in the strait of Hormuz, resulting in the spillage of 95,000 litres of diesel fuel. Both vessels were heading in the same direction when the collision occurred in the narrow strait and were subsequently heading to port for repairs. A spokesman for the 5th Fleet said that the USS Hartford suffered no damage to its nuclear propulsion system."

Submission + - Net for Golden Get Bridge Jumpers 1

mikesd81 writes: "The Golden Gate Bridge is getting an added feature. San Francisco officials have decided to put a $50 million stainless steel net under the bridge to catch, or thwart the efforts of would be jumpers. This controversial measure among other alternative measures to stop suicides has been open to debate for some time. Apparently since 1937 some 2,000 people have jumped to their deaths from the bridge, with an average of about 20 a year. However, 38 jumped last year, and 19 have already jumped this year. The net will be 20 feet below the bridge and extend 20 feet on either side, and is the most aesthetic of all the options proposed as it is only expected to be visible on certain parts of the bridge. Other ideas included raising the railing of the bridge, but residents said that would be too obtrusive."

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