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Your Rights Online

Submission + - Man arrested for April Jones Facebook joke convicted, sentenced to 3 months (

Anduril1986 writes: Following the recent reports that a man was arrested for posting a joke on Facebook, Matthew Woods, 20, has now been sentenced to 3 months in a young offenders institute. Chairman of the bench, magistrate Bill Hudson, said his comments were "so serious and abhorrent" that he deserved the longest sentence they could pass, less a third to give credit for his early guilty plea.

Submission + - Microsoft's Anti-Google Propaganda Campaign ( 1

eldavojohn writes: As the presidential race heats up, the smear ads on TV are also increasing. But Microsoft isn't going to site idly by and let the politicians engage in all that song and dance — and Microsoft really does employ both song and dance. Their Youtube channel appears to be slowly transforming from trade show videos and launches into a marketing attack or propaganda campaign that only targets Google (both videos I've watched seemed to have nothing positive about Microsoft in them). Under a month ago, they launched a spoof called GMail man, a creepy guy that flips through all your GMail and serves up super personal ads that are wrong (although they never say if Hotmail engages in targeted marketing). And a few days ago Googlighting shows up to spread fear and uncertainty about Google Docs. Most amusing to this viewer was that I found no such trace of 'Googlighting' on Bing's video service.

Submission + - Mac versions of Valve's Steam and Games Coming (

Dragoniz3r writes: It would seem that the rumors and speculation about a Mac version of Steam were true, as Shacknews reports that "The Mac client for Steam is scheduled to be released this month along with Mac versions of Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the Half-Life series." A video of Steam in action on a Mac is included.

Submission + - Singularity University Officially Launches At NASA (

Keith Kleiner writes: "Singularity Hub has just reported that Ray Kurzweil will announce the official launch of Singularity University at the NASA Ames campus in Silicon Valley at the TED conference later today. Singularity University aims to assemble a world class community of thought leaders, academics, and entreprenuers across the many fields of exponentially advancing technologies (nanotechnology, genetics, medicine, artificial intelligence, etc.) in order to address humanity's grand challenges. With significant backing from Google and NASA, and with the participation of a renowned cast of faculty and advisors, Singularity University is poised to literally overnight become a world class institution for the innovation, collaboration, and leadership that will allow the world to capitalize on the great promise of technology to solve the world's greatest problems"

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