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Comment Re:Flashlight under a rock (Score -1) 209

your 100% right about drugs being everyones problem. not only that but courts go easy on drug affected offenders like it's some kind of excuse.

i think your a bit off the mark about why employers want facebook passwords - the honest truth, is they have no idea why they want it or what to do with it. some manager with too much time on his hands saw something about facebook on tv, then raised it as an urgent issue at a meeting. a bunch of other managers not wanting to look the fool for not knowing agreed with him, and bam, you have it as part of the interview process.

people at the top of most institutions really are this kind of clueless.

Comment hells angels (Score -1) 212

one of the best video's i've seen was of them going to a soldiers funeral and finding 100's of bikers waiting for them.

one day a grieving relative will pull out a gun and blow the WBC cock suckers away, and not a single person will be sorry. in fact it'd be a golden opportunity for some delicious payback - imagine turning up at THEIR funerals with those same tactics?

Comment as usual your looking at this all wrong. (Score -1) 785

It's not a question of age, but experience, and the 2 are vastly different things.

paying a wet behind the ears kid more then an experienced developer is just wrong no matter what "hot" technology they claim to know, because it takes YEARS to work up what i would call an acceptable level of knowledge in any language to command a high rate of pay. If this kid if right out of college then he's probably not worth much. sorry gen Y, but you've got lots to learn.

I'm in my 30's and it's only been in the last few years that i've had the experience to command large salaries, that's just how the world is - it takes time to learn shit.


Adding an Olfactory Dimension To Games 108

cylonlover writes "California-based company Scent Sciences is looking to bring an olfactory dimension to computer games with its ScentScape personal digital scent delivery system. The ScentScape Gaming Suite system consists of a unit that plugs into a PC or gaming console via USB and generates smells using scent cartridges. As well as aiming for the development of ScentScape-capable games from games developers, the system also allows gamers to add scents to existing games and share these with other ScentScape system users."

Comment lunar mass (Score -1) 348

the issue i see with a large scale mining of the moon (and shooting it into space), is what will happen with us changing the mass of the moon? I get that it's huge and we would only take a few % off it, but let's never say never here and consider in 100 years if we removed 1% of the moons mass, would this affect processes on earth?

Comment Re:I burn in hell for demanding responsibility? (Score 0) 244

i don't know how it works in the USA, but here in australia that's not how it works with mining companies. here and in most other 1st world countries miners have to pay environmental bonds to cover the cost of clean up if they walk away. they only get part of that back if they perform full rehab works.

of course if your living in some bum fucked 3rd world country where your officals are corrupt, well your fucked and need to fix your country.

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