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Submission + - Happy Birthday Frank Hornby!

ErkDemon writes: Today is the 150th anniversary of the birth of inventor and toymaker Frank Hornby.
Hornby invented the Meccano metal construction toy (currently sold as Erector in the US) that inspired generations of children to become engineers, patenting the basis of his system in 1901. Originally sold as an educational system for teaching mechanics, “Mechanics Made Easy” became “Meccano” in 1907, and Hornby’s company, Meccano Ltd. went on to become one of Britain’s biggest toymakers, with Hornby creating a further string of product lines including Hornby Trains and Dinky Toys.
Hornby’s is a rare “British inventor” success story — his creation turned him from being a clerk in a meat importing company with no real qualifications or schooling into a millionaire industrialist and Member of Parliament.

Submission + - MPAA Sends Out Anti-Piracy Propaganda to US Presidential Candidates (

hypnosec writes: MPAA is reportedly sending out a list of key points to the two frontrunner US presidential candidates and even to the folks at congress. The key “talking points” include words of praise for Hollywood and its contribution to the US economy and the thousands of jobs it brings along with it. The document also stresses that Hollywood brings technological innovation. Going back to its original points on copyright strategies, MPAA is trying to promote the need of new copyright protection strategies and need to open door for legislation similar to already shelved Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).

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